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Qingming Festival sweep, Guiyang Bureau employees remember the martyrs

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From March 30th to April 1st, when the Ching Ming Festival is approaching, in order to trace the heroic footprint and promote the national spirit, the units affiliated to the Guiyang Highway Administration Bureau actively carry out the theme activity of "Remembering the Martyrs · Civilization Sacrifice".

Guiyang Highway Administration staff presents flowers to revolutionary martyrs

Guiyang Highway Administration staff listens to martyrs in front of the martyrs' tomb

The Wudang section, the Huaxi section and the Kaiyang section respectively organized employees to carry out Qingming sacrificial sacrifice activities at the Qianling Park Martyrs Monument, the Fuze Park Martyrs Tomb, and the Kaiyang County Martyrs Tombs. At the site of the sacrifice and sweeping activities of various units, highway workers with high respect and infinite grief for the revolutionary martyrs paid homage to the solemn grave of the martyr, carefully understood and listened to the moving deeds of the martyr, and held a short and heavy mourning Ceremony, three minutes of silence, and dedication of flowers to the dead martyrs.

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Guiyang Bureau employees posing for pictures in front of the tomb of the martyrs in Qianling Park

This event allowed the majority of highway workers to relive the patriotic feelings of revolutionary martyrs, and at the same time enhanced the awareness of civilized sacrifices. Everyone said that they must always keep in mind the legacy of the revolutionary martyrs, pass on their spirit, cherish the hard-won happy life, study hard and practice hard, start from little by little, and work hard for the development of the highway cause in Guizhou!

Source: Department of Education, Guiyang Bureau

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