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Surabaya is a love song

Public number: Touch Surabaya Source: Time: 2020-01-08 22:35:35

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Thousands of Thrones

In Surabaya

Why should I sing?

刚下过细雨 Because it had drizzled in the morning

西侯幽谷 刮来的微风吹散了湿气 Because the breeze from Xihou Yougu in the afternoon blows away the moisture

东盛路 走九遍依旧灯火通明 Because Dongsheng Road is still lit nine times in the night

泗水滨公园 美得像 一幅山水 Because the Surabaya Waterfront Park after the rain is as beautiful as a landscape

I want to write my love into this song

The payment is your name

Big surabaya

龙门山灵光寺 来一次偶遇 Have a chance encounter at the antique Longmen Mountain Lingguang Temple

Because I glanced at you more in the crowd

Never forget your face again

Ever since

一个绝美的童话 Your name is like a beautiful fairy

The beautiful figure shines into my heart

In order to see you again

朝阳洞、石古洞 里的所有神仙 I sought all the gods in Chaoyang Cave and Shigu Cave

圣源湖公园 Breaking through Shengyuan Lake Park

泗河畔、济河畔 Searched the Si River and the Ji River

第一缕阳光 悄悄洒在 凤仙山 之巅 When the first sunshine of 2017 quietly sprinkled on the top of Fengxian Mountain

圣源湖大桥 开启了全新的一天 The crammed Shengyuan Lake Bridge opens a whole new day

诗文广场 与你相见 And I look forward to seeing you again in Poem Square

Thought of here

跳,如小鹿乱撞 My heart keeps pounding like a little deer

I already like you

雷泽湖 湖底秋后炸响第一声轰雷,振聋发聩 Like the first blast of thunder after the autumn at the bottom of Lezier Lake , deafening

龙湾湖 送来丰收的歌吟,生生不息 Like the singing of the harvest from Longwan Lake , endless

华胥湖 发出远古的呐喊,魂牵梦绕兮 Like the ancient shouts of Huaying Lake , the soul is full of dreams

高铁泗水段上 火车行驶过千万里,不问归期 You will travel thousands of miles like a train on the Surabaya section of the high-speed rail , regardless of the return date

泗河 流淌的滔滔河水,一路向西 Like the surging river flowing from the Si River , all the way west

I already like you

红顶山 上裸露的岩石,无处逃避 Like bare rocks on Red Peak , nowhere to escape

University professor hits nurse

龙湾湖 绕着老寨山 ,不管因为所以 Like Longwan Lake is around Laozhai Mountain , no matter why

泉林 的泉依偎着 陪尾山 ,乐此不疲 Spring like Quanlin clings to Weishan and enjoys it

桃花 陪伴着 王家庄 ,一季又一季 Like peach blossoms accompanying Wangjiazhuang , season after season

I already like you

仲庙遗址 ,茕茕孑立 The ruins of Zhongmiao , like many old people waiting , stand

安山寺 石阶上 Falling gently on the stone steps of Anshan Temple like raindrops

An extraterrestrial monk waving his sleeves and sweeping leaves

,情非得已 Like a spotlight on midsummer night waiting for Sheng Ding

泗水大桥 的昼夜交替,没有改变的余地 Like the day and night of the Surabaya Bridge , there is no room for change

One day, finally waiting for you

Fortunately did not give up

文化公园、伏羲公园、兴儒公园 We meet each other in Cultural Park, Fuxi Park, Xingru Park

火烧、煎饼 笑声连连 Eating fire, pancakes laughing

Your flushed face

泗水梅园 的梅花 Plum blossoms like a plum garden in Surabaya

Pink, bright, radiant

I just want to stay now

Wanshan Jinshan will not change

上走一走, 卞桥桥头莫停留 After a walk on Qinglong Mountain , Mo Qiao Qiaotou stopped

Don't stay!

Where can there be prophecy for cuteness?

胜日寻芳泗水滨 A Winning Day Finding Fong Surabaya

多少的忧愁 How much ginkgo forest is in the floating golden autumn season

,我爱你 Surabaya , I love you

Love you every morning and dusk

Love the mist and rain

泗水 You are so beautiful, my Surabaya

Love you thousands of times

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