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Spring and Autumn After Meal

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Regarding at least eight kinds of expressions in the history of the Spring and Autumn Period, the "Historical Records" are: Qi Xionggong, Song Xianggong, Jin Wengong, Qin Mugong, and King Chu Zhuang; and "Xunzi Wangba" are: Qi Yangong, Jin Wengong, King Chu Zhuang, Wu Wangzhang, and Yue Wang Goujian; middle school history textbooks take into account two statements.

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Spring and Autumn is an era, about 300 years from Zhou Ping and Wang Dongqian. This era was a time when the old order of Shang and Zhou, such as the divisional system and the soldiers of courtesy and justice, was broken and the new order was gradually established. This era is very interesting. Speaking of it, it is a bit like the current situation in the world.

Qi Guo, who first dominated the vassals, was like Britain. It is an old-fashioned imperial empire, but unfortunately Qi Qiong died, and his country was declining, and he no longer had the ability to dominate the world. However, he often thought that he was still the hegemon of that year, and regarded himself as a superior person, pointing at other countries. But once bullied by a real big country (such as Jin country), it can only hurt the soldiers and defeat the enemy, and obediently fled back to his hometown to lick the wound and circle the curse. Fortunately, Qi Guo's frame is relatively large, tossing and tossing, and can still live in the later Warring States Period, but the original monarch was descended from Jiang Ziya, because he did not fight for it, he was usurped by a Tian family and a black household, and changed to a master.

The second country to dominate is Jin. It's almost the same as the United States. At that time, the family was the dominant and super hegemon, and it was a long time. Even Qi Guo didn't look down on him. Whoever dares to challenge him will bully anyone with his fists. At that time, the country that liked him the best was Chu. The two fought several battles. Jin won more and lost less, and steadily occupied the position of boss. However, the internal affairs of Jin State were not well managed. Similar to the current United States, Trump came to power, and his policies were too radical, so several states refused to implement his orders, and even some major states wanted to become independent. The problem of Jin State was that the power of the ministers could not be reduced, the power of the monarch was suspended, and the results of Jin State were divided up by Zhao, Wei, and South Korea. They died at the end of the Spring and Autumn Period.

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The Chu country on the south is like Russia and very powerful. Moreover, Chu culture is different from the Central Plains culture. I don't like the four-character poems in the Book of Songs. I like to decorate with "Xi" or "Some". Later, the style of Chu Ci was independently generated. The countries in the Central Plains did not like Chu, and often followed the boss Jin to form the "NATO" in the Spring and Autumn Period to siege Chu. However, the Chu country is powerful and can be called a fighting nation. Each time it fights with the Jin country, although it falls behind, it is repeatedly defeated and fighting spirit is high. Sometimes, taking advantage of Jin's mental slackness and slamming his sword, it is enough for Jin to drink a pot.

Germany and France are equivalent to Song and Lu. These two are also quite old vassals, and they have a relatively important position in the anti-Chu alliance. However, the differences between national strength and Jin ’s are the same as those of Germany, France, and the United States. However, these two countries sometimes still adhere to their independent foreign policies and do not act as American bullshit. In addition, because Qi and Lu bordered their territories, there was a relatively long-term small-to-medium-scale war. The two countries are at odds with each other, and Britain and France, with Europe at the heart of a century-old war, have withdrawn.

Japan can only be compared with Zheng Guo. The most powerful of Zheng Guo was in Zhengzhuang's time. He once defeated the royal army of Zhou Dynasty and shot and injured the king of Zhou at that time. The level of arrogance and arrogance is no less than that of Japan during World War II. Later, because he was a small country after all, when Jin and Chu were strong, he had to mingle with others, because the territories were often stationed by powerful countries, and even a little independent foreign policy could not be adhered to. Although such a country is alive, it is no different from living dead.

The great country Yan Guo in the north can be compared with India. The state of Yan has a high historical status. Like Lu, it is the state of Zhou Zhou's brothers. However, the national strength of Yan State is not strong, and it is far worse than that of Song and Lu. Fortunately, the state of Yan is north, and it has self-knowledge and lack of self-knowledge. It does not compete with the great powers of the Central Plains. This is far more wise than India ’s thriving India.

What other patriotic nations, Chen Guo, Wu Guo, Yue Guo, which is now Australia, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and other countries, belong to the background or the set on the stage, there are not many of them, one of them is less , Occasionally giving lines, can be familiar on the historical stage, is already considered very high treatment.

Wait, we missed a big country. Yes, China hasn't said it yet. China is like Qin. Why do you say that? Before Qin Kingdom, it was just an ordinary country in the west, and its foundation was relatively thin. However, Qin knows how to adhere to his own national policy, adhere to the development path of the Qin state, and develop his strength independently and to the west. He basically does not mix with the mess of the Central Plains and does not rush to dominate the Central Plains countries. As a result, he developed from an ordinary small country to a western hegemon. He lived smoothly and successfully to the Warring States Period, and ended the Warring States chaos.

Well, I've said so much, I'm thirsty, Xiao Er, come to a pot of boiling water, yes, or don't put the kind of tea!

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