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What is not suitable to eat during the holiday?

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Why is your period irregular? Many times, I do n’t pay attention to my diet. As long as I am a woman, I have heard of taboos during menstruation. However, there are still so many women who suffer from menstrual problems. Therefore, today, the editor made a list of things that can't be eaten during menstruation. Everyone can remember it!

What should I not eat during my period? Cold drink

Therefore, it is difficult for the exfoliated endometrium to be excreted normally. If the menstrual blood is not excreted in time, stagnant clotting will form in the body. This is also an important factor for the formation of congestion. Will affect the normal qi and blood operation, so the normal qi and blood operation in the uterus will be affected, damaging the uterine health. In addition, in order to promote the excretion of menstrual blood, the uterus will increase the intensity of contraction, and then cause dysmenorrhea.

In addition, women's bodies are more sensitive during menstruation, and eating cold drinks at this time will cause cold to invade the body, and the damage to the uterus is the greatest. Because the uterus is the part that is most afraid of cold, the cold invasion will cause the uterus to be cold and cause the uterine function to decline, which will affect the normal endocrine function and also the main factor that damages the normal ovulation of women.

What should I not eat during my period? Spicy food

During menstruation, the body's immune capacity is relatively weak, so eating spicy food at this time is prone to irritate the body and disrupt normal endocrine. At the same time, it will cause the pelvic vessels to be in a constricted state, aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, or prolong menstruation.

In addition, the uterus is also susceptible to invasion by germs to cause adverse damage, which can induce a variety of diseases such as the uterus. Therefore, for women with heavy tastes, they must take care of their mouths and have a light diet during menstruation.

What should I not eat during my period? 3. Sweets

The sugar content in confections is relatively high. These substances can inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals to a certain extent, so as to relieve the muscle firmness, and play an important role in reducing the adverse contraction of the uterus. Can play a certain role in reducing dysmenorrhea, but if you blindly eat a lot of sweets, it will disturb the normal blood sugar balance, affect the hormone balance in the human body, and increase the occurrence of physical discomfort.

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What should I not eat during my period? 4. Wine

Alcohol has the effect of promoting menstruation and blood circulation. Drinking during menstruation can easily lead to excessive menstrual blood, prolong menstruation, which is not good for health. Drinking alcohol should be avoided during the menstrual period. It is best to say NO to alcohol.

What should I not eat during my period? 5. Crab and field snail

During menstruation, women should not eat cold or cold things, especially those with cold dysmenorrhea. They should also avoid eating. The snail is very cold, can clear heat, and it is best not to eat it during menstruation.

What should I not eat during my period? 6. table salt

Eating more salty foods before menstruation is not good for menstrual health. If you eat a lot of salty food before menstruation, the body will store too much salt and water, and on the eve of menstrual cramps, headaches, local swelling, uneasiness, and irritability and other symptoms will occur, causing trouble to menstruation. If you can start eating a low-salt light diet 10 days before menstrual cramps and reduce the intake of salt and water, you can reduce or eliminate the discomfort mentioned above.

What should I not eat during my period? 咖啡因 饮料 7. Caffeine drinks

Caffeine can cause breast tenderness, cause anxiety, irritability, and emotional instability. It also consumes vitamin B stored in the body and destroys carbohydrate metabolism.

Women's menstrual periods and before and after menstruation are particularly important. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to dysmenorrhea and even leave gynecological diseases. So what supplements should you eat after menstruation? It is recommended to drink longan lily and jujube tea before and after menstruation, and you can usually drink it.

Set of lilies, jujube kernels, Poria, longan, wheat and other ingredients for qi and blood circulation, it is very suitable for low menstrual flow, weak palace cold, infertility and other physiques, there are many finished products on the market, you may wish to buy some to regulate, although the diet is relatively Time consuming, but the win lies in safety. In addition, no matter what kind of physical fitness, more exercise, balanced nutrition, regular schedules, and maintaining a good mood are all good for physical fitness.

Formula: 15g each of fried jujube kernel and dried lily, 10g each of Poria and longan, 5g each of wheat and wolfberry;

Usage: Put in casserole, decoction with water, two doses daily.

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