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NiceDay | Humen Bridge Experience Tour

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Yan mother style

虎门大桥体验游 NICE DAY ® Humen Bridge Experience Tour

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Humen Bridge Sightseeing Tour Itinerary

Boarding at the Sakura Bridge Yacht Club

Starting the sea journey, tourists can listen to the waves on the deck of the yacht, sing in the K room, discuss the knowledge of the yacht and sailing with the captain, or talk about the local customs with the guide.

沿途海岛风光 海岛 Island scenery along the way

The yacht sailed past Dahu Island and Xiaohu Island on the first list of unmanned islands in Guangzhou. You can see the rare mangroves on the island and the rare Danxia landforms. Listen to the past and present of Dahu Island and explore this uninhabited island Those unknown histories.

overlooking Humen Fort

南沙游艇会 ▵Nansha Yacht Club

Tin Hau Temple

美人鱼》拍摄基地 " Mermaid" shooting base

Along the way pass the filming base of the movie "Mermaid", and watch the cross-sea ferry invested by Huo Yingdong Group, Nansha Yacht Club, and Tianhou Palace, a famous scenic spot in Nansha.

乘风破浪游艇试驾 Test drive by wind and wave yacht

Torch Light 2 Set

迎着风,踏着浪,在甲板上看着一波又一波的海水激起的千层浪在船身周围荡漾开来,体验游艇最高时速下乘风破浪的快感。 The yacht turned around and headed back, facing the wind, stepping on the waves, watching the waves of millennials stirred by waves on the deck, rippling around the hull, and experiencing the thrill of breaking the wind at the highest speed of the yacht. 1 分钟。 The captain's bridge instrumentation explains that each person can test drive for 1 minute under the guidance of the captain . Experience a different yachting journey.

意桥岛游艇会 ❖Itabashi Island Yacht Club

time Route details 14:00 Boarding Yiqiao Island Yacht Club 14: 00-17: 00 Big and small tigers, Hengdang Island, Humen Fort, Tin Hau Temple, Nansha Yacht Club, Humen Bridge ... 17:00 arrive Yiqiao Island Yacht Club

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