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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The ex-wife of the novel's president

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It is another spring in February of the year, and it is another sunny day. The spring flowers, Huang Cancan, apricot flowers, pink Yanyan, peach river dew smile on the riverside, willow branches spit green and lingering, strolling in the scenery, it seems to enter the painting garden, a beautiful spring in an ancient city.

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first day

0 5:30西清公园 0 5:45科技大厦 集合乘车出发赴枣庄 570KM,行车约6 H ,午餐后游览全国 100个红色旅游经典景区之一 国家 5A级景区 -- 【台儿庄大战纪念馆】 (自由参观约 1小时), Morning 0 5:30 Xiqing Park 0 5:45 Science and Technology Building meet and depart for Zaozhuang ( 570KM, driving about 6 H ) , after lunch, visit one of the country ’s 100 red tourist classic scenic spots, national 5A-level scenic spots- [Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall] (free to visit for about 1 hour),

5A级景区— —乾隆御笔亲题“天下第一庄”的 【台儿庄古城景区】 中国最美水乡 之誉。 After entering the national 5A-level scenic spot- Qianlong Yubi's [Taierzhuang Ancient City Scenic Spot] titled "The First Village in the World " , has the reputation of " the most beautiful water village in China " . “日升昌记”、万家大院、翠屏学馆、兰亭书寓、道升酒坊等明清建筑,品当地特色小吃,漫步酒吧,邂逅浪漫,放松心情,体会小桥流水人家的惬意,退去一身的压力与疲惫; Visit the Ming and Qing dynasties such as the General Staff Department, the Wu family ticket number "Sunrise Changji", Wanjia Courtyard, Cuiping Academy, Lanting Study House, Daosheng Winery, etc. , taste local snacks, stroll the bar, enjoy romance Relax and experience the cosyness of the small bridges and the pressure and exhaustion;

体会台儿庄 古城 那无以伦比的 美丽夜景 As night falls, the beautiful ancient city is covered with brilliant lights, the red lights on the black canopy boat and the lanterns under the eaves complement each other, and you can enjoy the unparalleled beautiful night scene of the ancient city of Taierzhuang . . .

After bathing in clear water, the body and mind feel relaxed, and the beautiful melody of the flowing water is pillowed; . .

the next day

Borrow money fast

Sleep until you wake up naturally. . . The morning time is all at my disposal. . .

…… Standing on the streets of the ancient city, looking around, the stone-paved roads, stone-paved bridges, and stone-pillared pillars, if visitors are put on ancient costumes, it is impossible to tell whether it was past or present ...

带一些清新的翠绿。 The slate of the ancient city is clear: bring some fresh emerald green. …… Naturally put together, paved an antique path, the river flowing quietly under the stone bridge, fresh and clear, and led the road to a new corner again ...

一片有一片整齐有序的瓦片在木头架子井井有序的排列着,既不单调又不乏味。 The tile houses in the ancient city are gray: a neat and orderly tile lined up in a wooden frame is neither monotonous nor tedious. …… A simple and clear feeling came to my mind, pleasing to the eye ...

:用丝绸织的伞,用竹子做的小人儿,用木头雕成的茶具。 The shops in the ancient city are sincere : umbrellas made of silk, little people made of bamboo, and tea sets carved out of wood. ……还可以拉三五好友在古城特色酒吧小酌一杯,放飞心灵…… It's fascinating ... you can also pull your friends to have a drink in the characteristic bar of the ancient city, let your heart fly ...

煎饼卷大葱、菜煎饼、辣子鸡、挎包火烧、石头饼、拿着美食,品着清茶、迎着凉风,一种沁人心脾的感觉油然而生 …… The food in the ancient city is honest: pancake rolls with green onions, vegetable pancakes, spicy chicken, shoulder bag fire, stone cakes, holding gourmet food, drinking tea, and facing the cool breeze, a refreshing feeling sprang up ...

40元左右, 自付),听听乌篷船那亲切的摇橹声,或是吃着各自手里香喷喷的扯白糖,好不乐哉 …… In addition: do n’t go wrong in the past, take a ride on a awning boat ( approximately 40 yuan, pay for it), listen to the kind of swaying sound of the awning boat, or eat the white sugar in their hands, it ’s good ...

12:00集合乘车返石 570KM,行车约6 H ,行程圆满结束! Meet at 12:00 and return to the stone by car ( 570KM, driving about 6H ) , the trip is over!

398元/人 Reception fee: 398 yuan / person

Registration Phone:



Teacher Ma

注: Remarks :

318 /人 70岁以上老人 凭本人身份证 残疾证、现役军官证等 按原价收费,产生优惠现退; 1, 318 yuan / person (the elderly over 70 years old with their ID card ) disability certificate, active duty officer certificate, etc. will be charged at the original price, resulting in preferential refunds;

180 /人(1.2米以下 儿童 ,含车费导服半餐保险), 1.2米以上成人收费,享受成人待遇 2, 180 yuan / person ( children below 1.2 meters , including half-board insurance for fare guide service), adults above 1.2 meters are charged and enjoy adult treatment

Reception standard:

Transportation: Air-conditioned coach throughout

台儿庄古城外 按三星标准建造的酒店标准间(独卫独浴彩电) Accommodation: Hotel standard room built according to Samsung standards outside Taierzhuang Ancient City (Single bath, single bath color TV)

Meal: 1 breakfast and 1 dinner (the hotel includes breakfast, 8 dishes, 1 soup, and the main food is full)

台儿庄古城大门票 Attractions: Taierzhuang Ancient City Ticket      

Tour Guide: Full-Guided Tour Guide Service

Shopping: pure play without shopping

Insurance: Travel agency liability insurance (up to 500,000 yuan)                          

行程内正餐(城内小吃丰富,可自由品尝) 单人房差、私人消费、以及行程中未提及的费用 The price does not include: meals in the itinerary (rich snacks in the city, free to taste), single room difference, private consumption, and expenses not mentioned in the itinerary

special reminder:

1. Please bring your valid ID and the original certificate that can generate discounts on tickets.

2. This tour can be adjusted according to the actual situation without reducing the attractions. During the operation, if the government adjusts the price or the irresistible manpower causes the detention and delay, the guests will take care of themselves. Our agency will coordinate to minimize the loss. ;

3. Please keep your valuables (cameras, mobile phones, jewelry), etc. in a safe place. Travel agency insurance does not have such compensation;

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