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Honor the Martyr's Spirit and Inherit the Spirit of Xiaosong

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——The representative of Lu'an No.1 Middle School and the student sacrificed the grave of the alumni Liu Xiaosong

On April 1, Yin Xiaocheng, deputy principal of Lu'an No.1 Middle School, and Xu Bingcheng, a member of the Youth League Committee, and teacher Zhang Jian led the party secretary of each class to represent the school ’s 5,000 teachers and students. Township, offering marshals to Liu Xiaosong.

Martyr Liu Xiaosong is an outstanding graduate of 1995 in Lu'an No.1 Middle School. For three years in high school, he studied hard, was diligent in thinking, frugal, and caring. He was a well-deserved student and outstanding team leader. He had 9 exams in high school, 2 "good" And 7 "excellent", 1994 math competition, won the first place in Lu'an area. In September 1995, he was admitted to the national key military academy—Naval Engineering University. During the four years of military academy, he studied the naval engineering knowledge, trained the naval practical skills, joined the Communist Party of China, and determined to serve the country. In the Spring Festival of 1998, he returned to his mother ’s school, Lu'an No.1 Middle School, and left an affectionate greeting of “Hello Teacher!” On the blackboard of the old classroom. In July 1999, the military academy graduated from the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy. On the evening of July 9, Xiao Song took the 461 train from Wuchang to Zhanjiang to report to the South China Sea Fleet. At 10:48 pm at night, the train suddenly left the track at the foot of Hengshan near Hengyang, Hunan. In the sound of the earth-shattering collision, the rapidly overturning carriages uprooted the rails and stood up like a fence. Xiao Song hit his head on the ground, and his forehead poured blood. However, at this critical moment when the life of the passenger was severely threatened, Xiaosong fought responsibly and seriously rescued more than 20 people in the same compartment. The wound was bleeding endlessly, and he tolerated the pain, and went to other compartments to rescue him. There were more than 20 people in the blood. More than 40 wounded were rescued before and after. He eventually lost too much blood and was exhausted. He stumbled on the rails on his back, the occipital bone fractured, and a fatal hedge injury was formed with the forehead wound. At 5:45 am on the 10th, the sacrifice was lost after the rescue, and he lost his precious life only 21 years old. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Party Committee confessed Liu Xiaosong the title of "outstanding college student who gave himself up and saved others" and approved him to be a revolutionary martyr.

The teachers and students came to Liu Xiaosong's tomb with great admiration, deeply remembered the deeds of heroes, and offered flower baskets to the martyrs. Teachers and students all lament that it is the pride of their alma mater Lu'an No.1 Middle School, and it is also a model for contemporary Chinese youth.

In homage to the martyrs bowing in silence, the sky suddenly sifted through the sun. Sun rain, tears falling from the sun, heavenly love, Xiaosong's deeds moved the world!

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The teachers and students who participated in the sacrifice relived the oath of joining the group in front of the martyr's tomb. Yin Xiaocheng pointed out in his speech that Liu Xiaosong is a hero of the new era in the old revolutionary area. Xiaosong's deeds reflect the spiritual connotation of Dabie Mountain, which is "sincere and loyal, and sacrifices and dedication" on the red hot soil. The school motto of No.1 Middle School, I hope that all of you will cultivate a broad mind, study hard, master the skills of serving the people and serve the country, starting from small things and from now on, and inheriting the spirit of Xiaosong with practical actions.

In the cemetery, teachers and students met Xiaosong's father and neighbor who came to sacrifice and learned more details about Xiaosong's deeds. Poverty, distress, grievances, single parents, broken love, disaster, he has passed, he longed for the sea, but fell on the way to the sea ... their talk was full of praise and nostalgia for Xiaosong, and for Lu'an No.1 Middle School does not forget the heartfelt thanks of the hero alumni for the annual sacrifice of martyrs. Xiaosong's father still mentioned from time to time when Xiaosong was studying in Lu'an No.1 Middle School. The family was very poor. The teacher Mr. Wang Rui and his teacher gave Xiaosong a lot of care and help.

"Peach blossoms and red rain hero blood, Bihai Danxia Zhishi heart. Today Shenzhou looked up, the cemetery comforted the soul forever." Today, the cemetery of Liu Xiaosong Martyrs has been listed as a patriotic education base. , "Xiaosong spirit, Yongli posterity" eight characters shining in the sunlight.

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