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Twenty-fifth battle: Wang Dongcheng Airborne Iron and Space

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Wind Hunter

Twenty-fifth battle:

[Gold time and space]

The surface of Jin Shikong is calm and calm. In fact, the private crisis is perilous. A newly published "Golden Pen Point Dragon" foreshadows what will happen to Jin Shikong next time, but it is artificially damaged by the man, causing the content to be incomplete. Wang Dadong and Lei Ting When investigating this matter, I encountered the attack of the corpse, and finally found that a little clue was broken, and the broken-hearted people also hurried away because they heard about Deng Long. What is the dark force behind this? What's the matter?

That night, after Gu Zhan separated from Zhi Ge, he walked on his way home. When he was almost at the door of the house, he suddenly noticed that someone had sneaked into his house sneakily. The man found out that the two of them fought. In the course of their fight, because they accidentally touched the light switch, Gu Zhan instantly saw the person's appearance! Gu Zhan looked back, and seemed to recognize the man ...

‖Memory snippet‖

At that time, the situation was that day, the gutbreaker was busy organizing things and was about to set up a stall, and suddenly someone came to the stall. He looked at the sign of the gutbreaker's stand, sneered and poked with his fingers, the gutbreaker. As soon as I got up, I found someone behind me. I turned around and looked at it. I was shocked ...

The gutbreaker laughed: "Ah, oh ~ haha, it really scared me! Oh, no, I said young man, when I was approaching, I made a sound, getting older and getting more and more Scary, huh ~ "

"I heard you sell everything here ?!"

The gutbreaker heard this flower blossoming, and hurried out of it to talk to him: "Ah ?! It was originally here ?! Oops ~ Really ... there is a vision, yes, this is my stormy gut stall! 诶, But I'm sorry, I have just arrived here now, a lot of things are not ready yet! "

This person seemed to hear nothing: "What I need, don't need to prepare! All are ready-made!"

The broken-hearted man was puzzled: "This is a mystery, this ... Hey, unfortunately, my qualifications are dull and I really don't understand it. So, young people, have something to say! What do you want to eat Although you speak, I will definitely try my best to help you do it! "

"I like refreshing people, but unfortunately, the people I like will live shortly!"

The gut-breaker laughed: "Oh! This turn is too fast, just now you said that you want to come and eat my food, what these words mean now ... you want to kill me, right? ! "

"Do you have a last word to explain? Although I will not help you complete it!"

The gutbreaker started to panic. This person may be a bad visitor: "Just like the real thing! Wait, young man, I ask you, who sent you here ?!"

After seeing this man look at his watch, he kicked off the chair and came straight at the gutbreaker: "Sorry, I only have 48 seconds left, I'll be fine later."

The gutbreaker panicked, and hurried back: "Wait, wait ... you are inexplicable, don't you escape from the same place as my black dragon brother!"

He sneered, and then fought against the Broken-hearted People's Congress: "What did you say? I didn't hear clearly!"

The gutbreaker has no martial arts, no matter how much resistance is useless, he has already been beaten down. At this time, Gu Zhan passing by witnessed all this, and quickly stopped to stop him, and did a few tricks with him ... ..

Gu Zhan asked, "Who are you ?!"

"Your combat strength index is not weak, but unfortunately I still have something, otherwise I will play with you slowly, there will be a period later!"

He looked at the broken gut lying on the ground: "Your life, remember!"

After that he left ...

(The memory clip comes to an end)

Thinking about it, Gu Zhan finally knew who this person was? !! It turned out that he was the secretary of Zhi Ge ’s father, Secretary Li!

Gu Zhan depressed, "It's you again ?! What do you want ?!"

Secretary Li said, "Give up the blade of Astarot!"

Gu Zhan was confused: "What are you talking about ?! What Astarot's blade ?! Hey, is there something wrong with you ?!"

Secretary Li shouted, "Fill out the garlic! The blade of Astarot is in your house! Hurry up, or don't blame me!"

Gu Zhan laughed: "Oh! You're welcome, just rely on you ?! Your defeat!"

Secretary Li said, "If it hadn't been explained above, to save your life, you wouldn't have a chance to stand here now!"

Gu Zhan smiled: "It's not a small tone, I ask you, why should you hide your combat index and lurk next to Uncle Zhi as a secretary? What is your purpose ?!"

Secretary Li said, "I have no reason or time to explain this to you, and quickly hand over the blade of Astarot!"

Gu Zhan felt that there was no need to talk nonsense with this guy, so he took out his pig and dog as a strong stick: "I don't have the Astarot blade you want here, only pigs and dogs are better than strong sticks. I can give you a few sticks if you want! "

[Pigs and dogs are not as strong as strong sticks] (aggressive ★★★★★, shovel vicious ★★★★★, physical strength bonus ★★★★): Pigs and dogs are not as strong as strong sticks, most used by Shaolin monks and soldiers, and also best at it One of the weapons. It is said that the stick was secretly handed down by a senior Shaolin monk thousands of years ago, and was specially designed to fight pigs and dogs. Its style does not seek luxury, only the word "righteousness". Only when the master understands the true meaning of loyalty, can he exert his ability to defeat the sea.

Secretary Li looked at the pigs and dogs in Gu Zhan's hands, and smiled: "Oh, with your combat power index, using this stick is really a waste!"

Gu Zhan raised a strong stick and began to attack Secretary Li: "Stop talking nonsense!"

Secretary Li didn't know what was going on. He never took any action against Gu Zhan. He either parried or dodged, and has been avoiding Gu Zhan's attack!

Gu Zhan (OS): What kind of trick is this guy playing? !!

With the combative personality of Gu Zhan, what he hates the most is that the opponent has been reluctant to let go during the fight. Seeing that after several consecutive moves, Secretary Li can only hide, but Ku Zhan is angry. A quick move came like lightning. Secretary Li was immediately raised his hands to resist: "From your skill, what's the difference? Why keep hiding?"

Secretary Li emphasized: "I said ... explained above, can't hurt your life!"

Gu Zhan broke away from the confrontation with Secretary Li: "Say! Who sent you here ?!"

Secretary Li said: "It doesn't matter who sent me, as long as you hand over the blade of Astarot, I will leave immediately!"

Gu Zhan was helpless: "You want me to say a few times, I don't have the blade of Astarot you want!"

Secretary Li said, "That weapon was taken away by your mother, Gu Jing!"

Gu Zhan depressed: "Do you think you're too bullshit ?! My mom is not a psionicist, and she doesn't have a combat power index. Why would she want a bad weapon ?!"

Secretary Li said, "Because ... it's your father's!"

Gu Zhan stunned when he heard the word "father" because he had never met his father and did not know who his father was. After all, from childhood to age, he was dependent on his mother!

Secretary Li smiled: "It seems your mother didn't tell you until death, there is something about your life!"

Gu Zhan heard this very angry: "You don't talk nonsense here!"

Secretary Li asked: "Don't you want to know who your father is for these ten years?"

Gu Zhan also wanted to know who his father was, but his mother avoided everything about his dad every time. When he grew up, he slowly didn't ask who his dad was!

Secretary Li said, "Actually, you are not your mother ’s biological son, but your father, who was the arbiter of the Armed Forces Tribunal, has martial arts, but because of this, he has become the ruler of the Armed Forces Tribunal One of the objects to be eradicated, he found the Astarot blade in order to fight the Black Dragon, but because this weapon was not opened, he was seriously injured in the battle with the Black Dragon, and his apprentice In order to save him, he secretly changed clothes with him and sent him out, but his apprentice was brutally killed! After he left the ruling house, he was unconscious because of his serious injuries. Later, he was treated by a doctor and recovered. He also lost his previous memory, and then he began to do business, have his own life, his own family, and then the blade of Astarot, because it was stained with your father's blood, so often, Constantly agitated, finally, it found your father and awakened your father's unrevenge in his heart, so your father was going to take the blade of Astarot to go to the Black Dragon newspaper by force judgment , But because you were young at the time, your father was worried about involving you, so he entrusted you to Gu Jing, because Gu Jing was once your father ’s neighbor, and she also saw your father because of Astarot ’s The cause of the blade often cannot control himself, fearing that he will lose his mind, so while your father is not paying attention, he secretly took away the blade of Astarot and took you away overnight! Your father also lost because The blade of Astarot lost the memory of wanting revenge, but later, due to the induction of this blade of Astarrot and your father, it once again awakened your father's memory, After some investigation, your father found out that the blade of Astarot was taken away and hidden by your mother! "

When hearing this, Gu Zhan couldn't help remembering what his mother had said to him before his death!

‖Memory snippet‖

Previously, Gu Zhan ’s mother, Gu Jing, was hospitalized because she was diagnosed with end-stage lung adenocarcinoma. She knew that she might not be able to last long, so she wanted to say something to Gu Zhan!

That day, in front of the hospital bed ...

Gu Jing said, "Arsenal, there is something, Mom has always wanted to say sorry to you!"

Gu Zhan was a little confused: "What is it?"

Gu Jing said, "Eh ... do you remember when you were a kid, you were naughty and opened the drawer in your mother's room. As soon as my mother was in a hurry, she slapped you ?!"

Gu Zhan smiled: "Hit me ?! Is there? Mom should have never hit me since she was a kid?"

Gu Jing touched Gu Zhan's face: "You have been a good boy since you were a kid. Mom is willing to hit you! This time it was Mom who was wrong, I always wanted to say sorry to you!"

Gu Zhan smiled: "Oh, mom! What are you talking about ?! I don't remember this at all, besides, my skin is so thick that it doesn't matter if I hit a few more times!"

Then, Gu Zhan put her mother's hand on her face and patted him, "I don't believe it!"

Gu Zhan curiously said, "However, I'm curious about what you say! What was there in the drawer at that time ?! It will make you anxious to hit me ?!"

Gu Jing frowned: "That's ... a very dangerous thing, Mom wants you ... never touch it!"

Hearing this, Gu Zhan could not help but make a joke: "Danger ?! Mom, shouldn't you ... in addition to making sandwiches, do ... bombs ?!"

Gu Jing was helpless: "How can you, my child, always say something inexplicable, who is he like?"

Gu Zhan listened and smirked at her mother.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gu Jing said frowning suddenly (OS): "Yeah! Who is this child ... like?"

Gu Jing hesitated for a moment: "Azhan, actually ... in fact, you look like a TV star, why is my son so handsome!"

Gu Zhan smiled proudly and touched his hair: "I thought you were going to say something, you have been saying something inexplicable ?! It really is your son!"

Gu Jing (OS): Do n’t know the truth, it ’s happiness for him!

(The memory clip comes to an end)

Thinking of this, Gu Zhan seemed to understand why his mother was so anxious to slap him (OS): "So, is this so-called Astarot blade hidden in that drawer ?!"

Gu Zhan heard this truth, and some could n’t accept it (OS): "Also, I'm not my mother's biological son ?! How is this possible ?!"

Secretary Li said, "I know. Now that you know the truth, you must not accept it! Your father has explained it and cannot hurt your life. So ... let's think about it carefully. If you think of Astarot Where the blade is hidden, take it out and give it to me! At least to avoid unnecessary conflicts, I will come to you again! "

After speaking, Secretary Li left, leaving Gu Zhan with a lot of thoughts there, I do not know what to do!

[Iron Time and Space]

On the other hand, in Iron Time, due to the last appearance of the magic fighter, the Xia family began to draw a cordon to guard against the reappearance of the magic fighter at any time, but a few days passed and everything was so calm!

On a sultry afternoon, Grandpa Xia Liu leisurely danced a swan dance in the living room: "La la la la la la la la la la la la da da la da la da ~"

Suddenly he stopped and stared at the camera: "Hey, hey, this is Annuo? (What is it now ?!) Photographer, why are you here ?!"

Photographer: The story of Jin Shikong comes to an end, this time shooting iron time and space!

Grandpa said, "Are you talking about Misha ?! (What crazy words are you talking about ?!) You roar when I am dementia ?! According to the plot, it should be a film of silver time and space, you come to our time What ?! "

Photographer: Uh ... the director said that the script will be changed temporarily.

Grandpa was depressed: "Roar ~ The script is he said to change it, change it ?! I rarely have this free time to live a normal happy life of an old man, you bother me again!"

Photographer: Grandpa! (sorry!)

Grandpa was depressed: "Okay, okay! Let's go! (You guys!) Hey, what are you still doing here? Stand over, or how can you make a movie?"

Photographer: ...

At this time, Xia Mei upstairs was pulling Han, and asked Han to accompany her to Ximending to see the meeting between Wang Dongcheng and Tang Yuzhe!

Xia Mei pulled Han coldly: "Han, just go with me! I'm bored to go alone!"

Han was helpless: "But Xiongge said, you haven't gone to work for a week for Wang Dongcheng, so I can't let you see him!"

Xia Mei still dragged Han tightly: "Oh, do n’t you say, I do n’t say, do n’t you know my mother Darling ?! Also, Wang Dongcheng looks like a little brother, do n’t you want to take a look ?! "

Han hesitated, "But, Xia Mei ..."

Xia Mei took the cold away: "Okay, okay, don't do it anymore, let's go, let's go! Up to my mother Darling blame, I'm responsible, roar! OK, OK! Let's go!"

Han was dragged from upstairs to downstairs by Xia Mei: "Xia Mei, don't go! Xia Mei!"

Xia Mei pulled Han out and said to Grandpa while walking: "O Grandpa, I'll go out to the supermarket with Han to buy something! Bye!"

Grandpa turned her head, and Xia Mei had pulled Han out: "Hey ~ this thirty-eight check a certain boy! (This thirty-eight girl!) You are when I know (you think I don't know), again Go find that Wang Dongcheng! "

Xiu on the side felt a little confused: "Wang Dongcheng ?!"

Grandpa explained, "Ah, it's the Wang Dongcheng that ran out of the cracks of time and space! It looks exactly like our summer, and it's not our summer clone!"

Xiu wondered: "The gap between time and space ?! Why do the people inside come out ?!"

Grandpa explained: "Hey ~ Daichi is Annuo (this is the case). Wasn't Xia Yu fighting with Mozun before in summer? Because we played the ultimate trick of the Iron Man in summer, in him At the moment when the Lord of the Seal was sealed, all time and space had different time shocks, and the time and space cracks at that time also had an impact. This young boy (the young man) was thus transmitted to our iron time and space! "

Xiu asked, "Can he still go back ?!"

Grandpa sighed: "Ah ~ I can't go back anyway for a while! I am afraid that after the crisis of four time and space is resolved, we will return in the summer before they can go back! The gap between time and space is just a distinction between us and reality. Here we are, the people there are virtual, we are real, lively! And with them, they are real, and we are virtual, and they see us like people in the TV Same! So, Xiongge didn't let Xia Mei keep chasing that Wang Dongcheng, because once the order of time and space was restored, all the errors left by the order of time and space would be repaired, and he would return to the gap between time and space! "

Xiu just realized: "It looks like this!"

Suddenly, Grandpa froze: "Oh, Xiu, why are you here, Xia Mei?"

Xiu speechless: "Roar! Grandpa, your amnesia is back!"

On the other hand, Xia Mei pulled the cold to Ximending, where people are crowded and people are crowded for Wang Dongcheng and Tang Yuzhe! There are fans of Wang Dongcheng and Tang Yuzhe here, including Baidu Wang Dongcheng, Wang Dongcheng Chinese Network, Weidongism Wang Dongcheng Family, Dongcheng Undefeated Wang Dongcheng Family, Dongjia Zhenzi Gang, Tang Yuzhe Chinese Website, DT Hall, Zhe Easy International Support Club, Dongtang ... and various other support club fans! Today, Wang Dongcheng and Tang Yuzhe came here to promote their new drama!

Xia Mei said to Han while panting, "It's okay! I caught up!"

At this time, Wang Dongcheng on the stage greeted everyone with a microphone: "Hello, everyone, I'm Wang Dongcheng. I'm really happy today. I came to Ximending and promoted our new drama with my good brother Tang Yuzhe. Nayu Now that Zhe is still changing clothes in the background, let me introduce my new drama first, yes! Tonight, my idol drama "Super Heroes" starring and producer Premiere on CCTV! Everyone remember to lock it! "

Xia Mei followed everyone and shouted: "Dadong! Dadong! Dadong! Dadong ..."

Wang Dongcheng said, "So now, I'm going to bring the theme song" Super Hero "of" Super Hero "! Lend your hands to me and let me hear your warmest screams today!"

Dongdonghai (a fan of Wang Dongcheng): Ah! what! what! what! what! Dadong, Dadong, Dadong! !! !!

The music sounded, and Wang Dongcheng began to sing handsomely on the stage:

Big hero ~ I am just a big hero ~

Big hero ~ I am just a big hero ~

Muggles do n’t practice horse riding, you meditate first

Three-legged cat kung fu, bullet fist, who is dead

Black frame glasses a few times, Xia detectives do not wear suits

The action is unambiguous, with ambush on all sides.

When you go out, do n’t call it Xi Wu.

There is no portal, no books, no talking

Do n’t look like cultural relics, do n’t understand the earth and earth

Kiss serious and cool, do n’t accidentally hit a tree

Big heroes don't sticky, one trick makes you fuzzy

Advise you not to be sloppy, don't ask me the source

Don't be dissatisfied with small people

Destroy your gossip chart, grab your night pearl ...

Singing here, Wang Dongcheng took the microphone to the fans: "Tell me who I am !!!"

Dongdonghai (a fan of Wang Dongcheng): Big hero! !! !! !!

Wang Dongcheng continued to sing: "Yeah ~ I'm just a big hero ~"

Following the microphone towards the fans, Dongdonghai continued to cooperate with Dongge: "Big hero !!!"

Wang Dongcheng continued to sing: "I'm just a big hero ~"

(The end of the twenty-fifth war)


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