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Most treatment methods failing level (benefit)

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Yu Jiao Kowloon

The real master of mood often the first treatment, and then deal with things; first analyze the state of mind, and then analyze the situation.

沉默 1 Silence

Sometimes, you have been misunderstood, you do not want to argue, so I chose silence. Normally it does not require all people will know you, so you do not need to explain the world. Being true to yourself is like.

平静 2 calm

When you fall into the bottom of life, all the people around you tell you: be strong, and be happy. Strong is absolutely necessary, but happy? In this case, I am afraid that is too difficult for you. After all, who can fall badly beaten at the time but also be happy? But you can at least do it quietly. Look at this matter calmly, calmly deal with things on the processing line.

弯腰 3 bend

And others differences of opinion occur even cause verbal conflict, home to wipe the floor bar. Carry a piece of cloth, bent down, knees, put in front of you in every corner of the floor back and forth wipe clean. Sometimes you have to learn to bend over, because this action can make you humble. While working the body, you polish up your mood.

不要想“如果当初” 4 Do not think, "If we had"

You say, life is a long way infinite number of junctions, always stop to make choices. Choose what to read, departments, do work, marry or not to marry, or have children, different choices making it a completely different life.

And you say, If we had how how how how ...... we would not have such things still do not say it. Select each intersection there is no real good or bad, as long as life as their own unique creation, it will not look back If we had done frequently not the same choice.

努力 5 efforts

Walk through the forest between, you see a purple Teng winding trunk, moved by the scene in this quiet beauty. You think I do not know what the future will some wind and rain? Maybe off the vine, the tree will fall, perhaps days of shortage, to be old, you want to. So, make time freeze it at the moment, that is the eternal freeze. Eternity if quiet beauty of this moment, the future may encounter all sorts of catastrophe, it had already been comforted and rewarded. Efforts, whether successful or not, at least once beautiful.

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保持单纯 6 remain simple

Because too much thinking, so you often put your life complicated. Obviously we are living in now, but you always keep in mind the past, but also worried about the future. It simply live in the moment, and the moment it does not matter in fact, a non-genuine. Simply put your life as a dream to perform it, do a good job now dream.

偶尔“俗气” 7 occasional "tacky"

Eat more healthy food, occasionally eating a bite you want to duck tongue and fried chicken as well as spicy crawfish. Occasionally you actually do not want your always live less meaningful. Life really does not need tying themselves so tightly.

回归平静 8 return to calm

There was a time, you feel depressed or even bother to draw the curtains, looking out of the sun. Of course you have forgotten the need to drink a pot of jasmine on a daily basis to see the windowsill. I do not know how long, finally one day, you restore the beautiful mood, but also reminds you of jasmine, God, poor flower, still alive?

You gingerly opened the curtains, surprised to find her graceful, I could feel the fragrance come. It had in the past these days, though you forgot to feed her to drink water, but God has not forgot the rain favored her. Many things quietly outside your line of sight carried out, and quietly arranged their own.

All things in nature, day care to all things, in fact, need not worry. You have to do is to do yourself, do not leave any regrets.

Down, calm, tolerance, gratitude, you are the "cow."

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