hg44344.com A 14-year-old girl plays a cell phone for five or six hours a day, and her cervical spine is as old as 50

A 14-year-old girl plays a cell phone for five or six hours a day, and her cervical spine is as old as 50

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There is a 14-year-old girl Xiaoting in Qingdao. She often plays mobile phones for five or six hours. Some time ago, she developed symptoms such as dizziness and sore neck. She went to the hospital for a checkup. The film showed that her cervical spine had straightened and her aging degree was equivalent to 50 year old.

Xiaoting is a junior sophomore. Her father is a foreign trade businessman. He said that her daughter plays mobile phones every day except class and sleep. The favorite is to watch live broadcasts and play simple games like happy fun. game. Recently, her daughter has been yelling for neck pain and dizziness, so her father took her to the hospital for an examination. Surprisingly, the examination results showed that Xiaoting's cervical spine had undergone a physiological curvature, slightly bowed, and severe cervical deformation. Doctors say that the cervical spine is aging the same as a 50-year-old.

Doctors say that under normal circumstances, the cervical spine will age slightly from the age of 20, but at this time people can't feel it at all. Cervical spondylosis usually does not show up until the age of 40 or 50. But now young people use their mobile phones to bow their heads for a long time, and cervical aging has become very common. There are more and more cases like Xiaoting. The most serious is even a 10-year-old child. After cervical dislocation, the cervical spine hemorrhages and hematomas are compressed. Serious consequences will affect the normal life of the future life.

The doctor considered that Xiaoting was young and did not give her surgery. Instead, she took traction and conservative treatment. Whether Xiaoting's cervical spondylosis recurs in the future depends on the maintenance. Doctors require that you look at your mobile phone for half an hour to one hour in the future, raise your head and do some head movements; it is also best not to watch your mobile phone for more than 2 hours each day.


Xiaoting's parents did not expect Xiaoting to be at such a young age and have this disease, and deeply blame herself for her past negligence. Considering that the child is too young to control himself, he installed a student mobile phone management software called "Kangaroo Family" on Xiaoting's phone, and installed a parent terminal on his father's phone to remotely control and ensure Xiaoting You will not use your phone for too long.

Xiaoting's father said that cervical spondylosis is a chronic disease and should be prevented as soon as possible. If the child usually does not develop good habits when using mobile phones, he will delay his life in the future. He decides to tell the story of his child and warns all parents to try to avoid it. A similar tragedy happened again!


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