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Recommended Reading | Liu Yu: May you grow up slowly

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Fei Zhengqing

Wish you grow up slowly

by Liu Yu

Dear Little Cuckoo:

This year's Children's Day this year is exactly your 100-day day.

When I wrote the word "hundred days", I was really taken aback by it-a person can be so small, as small as a day. For the past 100 days, you, like a little magician, turned out a pile of sweets for mom and dad every day. Without you, this hundred days would be like a hundred days before it, and a hundred days after it, into a stream of chaotic time without end.

Just a few days ago, my mother was chatting with an aunt and she asked me: Why did you decide to have a child? I used a very common and lazy answer: in order to make people's lives more complete. She asked: Isn't this selfish? Use someone's life to make your life more "complete"? Yeah, I think she's right. But I can't think of a reason for having an unselfish child.

The ancients said, "There are three filial pieties, and no future is great." Isn't it selfish? Modern people say, "I like children", aren't they selfish? Biologists say, "For the reproduction of mankind", oh, how sacred it sounds But it is nothing more than the selfishness of a person or a group of genes. By the way, there is an old British man named Dawkins who wrote a book called "Selfish Gene". When you grow up, you must find this book to read. You can also find other books from him. Mom hopes that you will be a science-loving child in the future. Of course, mom also hopes that you can find your own way to get rid of nothingness while you love science.

Because having a child is a very "selfish" thing, so on Mother's Day, when I saw the overwhelming slogans like "thank my mother" and "great motherly love", I just felt uneasy and even embarrassed. I have always had a wrong view: the mother's love for her children is nothing more than the consequences of her choice of having a child. There is no such thing as "great".

I didn't dare to say this when I was not a mother, but now I can finally say it frankly. Even more, I think it is the children who should be thanked for making their parents ’lives more“ complete ”, letting their voids rest, and letting them experience the mystery and joy of opening up the layers of life. Most importantly, let They experience love to the fullest-that's a kind of freedom, isn't it? Being able to drop all your vigilance and believe in love by heart is the greatest freedom. As a mother, I thank you for giving me this freedom.

And because having a child is a selfish thing, I dare not have any hope for your future.

There are few Chinese words that are more disturbing to me than "Looking for a child". In fact, these four words make me angry: if you have the ability to "Jackie" yourself, why should you want to be a child? Jackie Chan "or" Wang Mom Jackie Chan ", would it be rude to be a parent?

So, Little Cuckoo, wait for you to grow up. If you want to be a Wall Street banker, go for it, but if you just want to be a baker, that's not bad. If you want to be in politics, as long as you have the right reasons, your mother will support it, but if you just want to be a zoo breeder, that's fine. All I hope is that in the process of growing up, you will be lucky to find your dreams-not everyone can find a sense of direction in life, and they have the ability to match this dream-not everyone Ability to be proportional to their dreams.

Yes, I pray that you can "success", but what I understand to be successful is that a person has awe and enthusiasm for what he does-in my mother's view, a lawyer who gets up every morning and feels that work is a burden No more successful than a hairdresser proudly saying "Look, this hairstyle is beautiful".

But hopelessness in your "achievement" does not mean hopelessness in your character. Mom hopes that you will not come to this world for nothing. You can have the desire and ability to enjoy it, and to make it better with your own good.

Bud clothing

Mom believes that the essence of man is infinite bloom, and human dignity is reflected in the endless running towards truth, goodness and beauty.

Therefore, I hope that you are a curiosity person, as big as "What is outside the universe" and as small as "Where did the shit I pull every day washed down the toilet" can cause your curiosity;

I hope you are a compassionate person who has the greatest degree of imagination for the suffering of others-even the suffering of animals-and therefore the greatest degree of vigilance against any form of harm;

I hope you are a responsible person, realizing that the freedom, peace, and justice we have are just like the cars we own. They are neither from the sky nor once and for all. They require each of us to strive for and protect them;

I hope you have the courage to insist that "the emperor didn't actually wear any new clothes" in the face of power, violence, temptation, public opinion and even the warmth of the small circle;

I hope you are sensitive, can capture the inconsistencies between beauty and beauty, and can discover art in the details of the mountains and mountains outside the museum and concert hall;

As a girl, I also hope that you have dreams, that your youth and life are not only defined by love and marriage. This list is already too long, is it?

Expecting character is also harsh? Well, instead of saying that mom wants you to be that kind of person, it is better to say that mom wants you to encourage each other and help each other to be that kind of person.

Little Cuckoo, may you grow up slowly.

May you have good luck. If not, may you learn mercy in misfortune.

May you be loved by many people, if not, may you learn to be tolerant in loneliness.

I hope you can sleep in your life and wake up naturally every day

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