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Original film review "Ghost in the Shell" has been imitated and never surpassed

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Ghost in the Shell

Always imitated, never surpassed

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Ghost in the Shell, a live-action version adapted from anime after 20 years, is an action film produced by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks. 、皮鲁·埃斯贝克、迈克尔·皮特、迈克尔·维克特等主演。 Directed by Rupert Sanders, starring Scarlett Johansson , Pirou Esbek, Michael Pitt, Michael Victor and more.

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The film tells about the future world in 2029. This is a world where people and information networks are integrated. All kinds of human tissues and organs can be artificialized. 仿生人 、人类生活在同一个地球上无 法识别,人们的身体能够直接联入网络(活在这个年代的人们真幸福,可以将 大脑改造为电子脑与网络相连,从此不用再像小编这样费劲的学习了,想学的 下载就行了。),身体纯粹成为了一个容纳人类灵魂的容器,上传记忆后就可 以任意更换自己的身体,呵呵,特么韩国整容术还需要吗? Biochemical humans, bionic humans , and humans living on the same earth ca n’t be identified, and people ’s bodies can be directly connected to the network. (People living in this era are really happy. They can transform the brain into an electronic brain and connect to the network. Editing such a strenuous study, just download what you want to learn.), The body purely becomes a container to hold the human soul, after uploading the memory, you can change your body arbitrarily, haha, why do you need Korean cosmetic surgery? Therefore, in this context, there has also been a new trend in criminal activities, "Ghost in the Shell."

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恐怖组织 以及处理一切一般警方难以处理的问题。 Speaking of the "Ghost in the Shell", we will talk about the Japanese Public Security Division. Now I will introduce to you that the ranks of the Public Security Division 9 are all independent troops directly under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Japan. Corps of Prosperous Biochemicals is good at computer warfare, commonly known as "Ghost in the Shell". It claims to be an international rescue team in name, but it is really used to deal with terrorist organizations and deal with all the problems that the police can't handle. 暗杀 都有。 In each of the works, the work of Nine Lessons of Public Security is very wide, ranging from computer crime, protection of domestic dignitaries, search for murderous murderers, exposing corruption of politicians, suppressing the occurrence of terrorist activities, and assassinations that cannot be made public . The above is a brief introduction to the story background for your reference only.

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According to the careful search of the editor, I found that "Ghost in the Shell" almost opened an era of science fiction movies. First of all, the very famous "The Matrix" series was affected by this. Of course, at that time I just liked fighting action, hahaha. Closer to home, I believe that everyone is very familiar with the green character matrix in "The Matrix". This is a copy of "Ghost in the Shell"; there is also "Stealing Dream Space". You do n’t need to introduce how much brain stealing dream space, especially in the end Whether the protagonist has returned to reality or is still unknown in the dream. Of course, this is not the point. In the "Dream of Dreams", the protagonist invades the subconscious mind of others through dreams, and friends who have seen the idea are implanted in the brain. However, this is the same as the criminals in the "Ghost in the Shell" who invaded the human electronic brain through viruses. Implanting thoughts to control humans, this setting is almost the same, worship, it was 95 years back then.

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Movies related to the future world and robots are not uncommon. They have been shown in films such as "Super Chacha", "Robot" and "The Matrix", but "Ghost in the Shell" still brings audiences Too many surprises. Under the high-tech background, under the sci-fi coat, the perfect combination of human body and machine, and the deep construction of holographic images are all impressive. And is the future world as it is shown in the film? How robots and humans coexist is worth pondering while watching movies.

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In "Ghost in the Shell", Scarlett Johansson starred in Sakusa Kuso, who is Scarlett? It was the "Black Widow" in the "Avengers" series. When she was interviewed by "Empire", she talked about her acting experience on the set: "She has a unique feeling of existence and can perform the self, the self, and the superego It ’s very fascinating. ”Johnson also talked about the flesh-colored silicone battle dress she wore in the trailer. This transparent material made her almost naked.“ Fortunately, I do n’t wear this dress often. ”Johnson Grinning an awkward smile.

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Not to mention Xiaobian has gone to the brain.


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