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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Scum of self-cultivation

Complaining is the most meaningless thing. If it is really difficult to bear the surrounding environment, then secretly practice your skills and then jump out of the circle.

Many people are not lonely, but have a principled and selective social relationship, talk with people who like it, and say nothing to others.

In the years that require the most struggle, you should love someone who can give you motivation, not someone who can exhaust you. I'm also afraid of telling the truth, and my persistence becomes a joke.

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In fact, no one can tell you what to do if you give up. You can only survive countless dark nights yourself, and then get up as usual the next day. It ’s no big deal. The relationship is a matter of two people. He does n’t love you. You Why bother.

To the unreliable people and promises, the second trust is not the reason for their resurrection, but the reason for their complete despair. If the opportunity is given, the other party will not feel that you are kind, but only feel that you are deceiving.

Life is like this, you may lose something that is important to you, and those unknowns will break into a new good tomorrow. Useless in the past, useless in the future. 2017, I hope all the best come as expected.

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