www.hg77722.com [Interview Series 10] Parents: Why do we choose the first-stage child connection?

[Interview Series 10] Parents: Why do we choose the first-stage child connection?

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2014~2015学年度毕业期间 ,众多家长接受了采访,畅谈她们当初为什么要选择第壹阶,孩子在一年内种种改变...... In July 2015, during the graduation period of the first-tier child college from 2014 to 2015 , many parents were interviewed to talk about why they chose the first-tier school , and their children changed in a year ...

Education needs to be passed down. Thanks to parents for their support, identification and word of mouth for the first 8 years of the first school. Thank you.

[Interview Series 10] To be continued.

* Mother Yizhe

Yizhe mother:

"Before choosing the first stage, I found in the community that the children who had gone to the first stage were not the same as other children. Their eyes were particularly bright and their vitality was particularly active. I had an intuitive impression that the children here should be very happy .. .... "

Ao Jian Tai Xuan's skill data

"Children before the age of 7 need to develop a good character that will benefit their lives, first order ..."

"There is another very important. The first stage not only educates children, but also teaches parents, grandpa, grandma, grandpa ...

(To be continued)

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