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Luoyang, experiential group sand table welcomes peony blossoms

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浓情、期待、淡淡的散发着爱 After the first experiential group sandbox psychological technology training in the Luoyang Peony Flower Season in 2016, the experiential group sandbox psychological technology is like a peony blossom in Luoyang— love, expectation, and faint love .

28 29 日,健心海团队的雨杉老师、杜萍老师、王正老师、张树册老师在洛阳兵分二路在进行体验式团体沙盘培训。 On March 28th and 29th , Yushan Teacher, Du Ping, Wang Zheng, and Zhang Shuxian of Jianxinhai's team were conducting experiential group sandbox training in Luoyang Bingfen Road.

Teacher Du Ping introduced the application of experiential group sandbox psychology technology in the school in the 2017 psychological backbone education training class in the city's education system, which was praised by teachers, and earnestly in the remaining operating experience. Dedicated, one afternoon came to six thirty. The schools felt that the time was too short and hoped to study again.

In the psychological sand table activity room of the Party School of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, the cadre class at the division level and the cadre class at the division level conducted decompression training respectively. With the assistance of Wang Zheng and Zhang Shuji, Teacher Yu Jing conducted two decompression training sessions. At the beginning of the training, teacher Yu used a personality formula to explain the source of stress and the causes of stress, and how to deal with stress. Then it briefly introduces the experiential group sandbox psychological technology and its role in resolving stress problems, and emphasizes the "four-two" working principle of experiential group sandbox psychological technology and "with caring companionship, actively listening, silently admiring After waiting for the work process of "...", we took everyone to form a small team and conduct the operation of understanding and experience in the structured group. The short two and a half hours passed quickly. Everyone has feelings, rushing to share their feelings.

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"I have rarely settled down to be with myself for so many years, using work as an excuse, after work, and my circle of friends. When I came home, I also relied on these worries, and I was often physically and mentally exhausted. Today ’s experience makes me truly aware of these The stress hasn't gone, it's around us and affects us. It's so good to look at your heart today and take care of yourself in the future. "" It's actually very simple to make yourself feel happy by remembering a beautiful childhood. "

都有自己的经历与想法,我们更要加强理解与沟通。加强团队意识。” "Through today's experience, the beauty that most of us desire is a relaxed environment. After everyone cooperated to complete this picture, we have a lot of satisfaction." "Today I understand that everyone has their own experiences and ideas. , We must strengthen understanding and communication. Strengthen team awareness. "