http hg8383.com Chaoyang Trusteeship (Hexi Elementary School District) Weekend Assignment (4.8-4.9)

Chaoyang Trusteeship (Hexi Elementary School District) Weekend Assignment (4.8-4.9)

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Giving blame to others and blame others are far from resentful. —The Analects

Interpretation: Those who work hard and take the initiative to take the initiative to assume the main responsibility are "self-confidence", forgiving and forgiving others, and "bringing blame to others", so that they will not resent each other.

Seeing wise and thinking together, seeing unkind and introspecting also. —The Analects

Interpretation: When you see someone who has more strengths and advantages than yourself, ask for advice humbly, study hard, and find a way to catch up with him, and reach the same level as him; see that there are some shortcomings or deficiencies. See if you have the same shortcomings or deficiencies.

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