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A girl from 25 to 30 years

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A girl from 25 to 30 years

Author 丨 Lu Yong

"For the feelings, I have something in mind"


It seems that girls over 25 years of age will enter a drool battlefield of national marriage.


College students get together to get married, elementary school students get together to bask in the sun, and after less than three chats, they are asked, "Are there any boyfriends?"


My friend Mi Fan already has immunity to this. She will fall in love because she likes one person and never fall in love because she is in a hurry to get married.


Mi Fan's feelings are pure, his career is unequivocal, and he is full of energy every day. When she got a promotion and got a raise, she knew how to pay her parents, or buy a skincare product for her mother today, and add a coat for her father tomorrow.

And parents also feel that their daughter is so good that they don't have to rush to marry. The old couple leisurely retired from their retirement and were too lazy to compete with the seven aunts and eight aunts for verbal superiority.


Mi Fan is economically independent and spiritually independent. She uses her strength to block outside interference and moves at her own pace. Make your life rich and full, and the family need not worry about her.


Girls who have seen the world can hardly be covered by clouds. She knows how to judge her heart, follows her heart, and falls in love with whoever she is.

It is a natural thing to want to hold a grand wedding ceremony, which can be given by your husband, you can give it yourself; if you want to refuse extravagant low-key marriage, you can easily do so;


Life is one-off, and those who work hard will not be neglected by fate. Serious girls, with more choices, you can choose to enjoy the rich, or you can choose to experience the downfall.


After the ignorant age in his early 20s, he began to want to live a little better and live his life as he likes. I don't want to please the world anymore, I just want to spend my whole life pleasing myself.

"Don't mistake marriage as a greenhouse"


Most girls want to have a relaxed job, they can buy their favorite bags, have a large luxurious cloakroom, endless high heels, and a lot of lipsticks lying in the makeup cabinet every day waiting for you to flip the brand.


These friends Xiao Q have done it. She tied the knot with a big customer of the company. Although her husband laughed a little bit, he would pout at dinner. But he is an upstart and Xiao Q feels his money is enough to cover up other shortcomings on his body.


Her husband hangs a large gold necklace every day to enter and exit high-end places. Xiao Q dresses up every day, slips her puppy, swipes her bank card, and is full of joy. Mrs. Kuo's life is enviable, and Xiao Q has become a model and textbook for her neighbors to marry their daughters.


Unexpectedly, her husband was arrested by the police outside, and Xiao Q took the child under the age of one year without knowing where to go. There is no skill to stand by, no material to rely on; no clue to start again, no mental support.


In the past, Xiao Q always thought that he could be a tyrant with a beer belly and a vulgar gold bachelor. As long as the other person can make her rich, she can be a husband and wife at home and be a good wife and mother.

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It has now been found that it is the least reliable thing to entrust a man with the full power of his life.

Nothing is more stupid than betting on youth, and nothing is more stupid than getting rid of poverty with the help of marriage! There is a saying that goes well: "Marriage is a way of life, not a guarantee of life."


The most painful thing in life is not failure, but I could. I could have taken advantage of my youth to achieve both economic and spiritual well-being. I could ignore his material conditions when choosing a lover. I was together because I loved him and he just loved me.

You could have, but you didn't.


Life is given by myself. I hope that no matter how big the halo of the person you love is, you can match it. Even if he is as ordinary as dust, you can still stand upright and tell him: "I earn my own money and you give me love Just fine. "

"A good job can add color to your life"


You may not know--

Those who threatened not to marry you may now be on their way to propose to another girl.

The filigree, which used to be non-existent, now has several sports cars showing off every day.

The girl who was once black and sturdy, with a round soil, has long counterattacked and became Bai Fumei.


No one in this world can rely on you forever.


A girl, 25 years to 30 years of age, regardless of material or personality, should be independent and vigorous. Youthful appearance is no longer your only bargaining chip. You have infinite strength and dazzling personality. You don't have to bet on your own future.


You look so hard to look good, you look serious and handsome. People who have no ambiguity in life and work must have good and smooth feelings, clean and clear, without impurities of interest. That evolved self is what you most want to be.


Years is a pot of warm water, which is used to cook frogs whose nerve endings are necrotic and no longer jump upwards. In the torrent of time, people who are secular and reserved look around and look forward to being the ugliest.


Before the age of 25, you can be the spirited young man who stands on the stand in charge of eating seeds and eating peanuts and watching other people perform; after the age of 25, you will be ready to run on the track and work hard towards your goal.


I hope to describe you in the workplace in the future, not "the old employee", but "leader";

I hope to talk about you among my friends in the future, not "that scum woman", but "hot mom";

I hope that your husband will mention you to others in the future, not "child fucking" but "I love someone".

I hope you don't need to ask for pockets with your palms up all your life, because your card balance has many digits before the decimal point.

I hope that in the years you are 25 to 30, don't let yourself down because of laziness. We keep climbing up, not to be seen by the world, but to see the world.


路永。 * Author: road forever. WeChat ID: Lu Yong (yaluyong). Two more canteen column author. An emotional lunatic, an obsessive. This article first appeared in the Er Geng cafeteria .

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