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[Jiaotong University Day] So cute, don't you mind?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


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April Wormwood Incense

Colorful falling cherry dance

Ai Xiang

The cherry blossoms

In April full of sweet and fragrant

Warm you need a little adorable

偷梦的精灵 Hanging on the leaf tips, is a dream stealer

守梦 Tied to a backpack is a dream watcher Angel


You have a courier, please come and collect it!


Xiaowang's carefully prepared non-woven fabrics for you

Please take it home!

Material preparation

Carefully crafted

Please enter a title bcdef


Small cloth weaving

QQ Speed Aries Loli


Needle dense seam

Don't look at the woven material package, but it is not easy to make! 与闵行校区两个基地里的材料包,经过心灵手巧的守望ers在一针一线地制作后,终于变成了呆萌的模样。 The material packs scattered in the two bases of Luwan Campus and Minhang Campus , after being crafted by watchers in a pin-by-line manner, finally turned into a dull look.

Please enter a title abcdefg

Finished product display

Finished product display

Is it cute in an instant?

Seems like one is there!

What are you waiting for?

Take them away!


Jiaotong University Day

守望摊位 Siyuan Lakeside / Watching Booth

Waiting for you!

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