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Make your home wardrobe 5 times bigger instantly

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    Spring is coming, and many friends have changed to spring clothes. But the wardrobe is small, how to store winter clothes? Facing the messy wardrobe, there is nothing to do ...

Learning to organize your wardrobe like this and store your clothes scientifically can make your wardrobe 5 times larger and save you the time of choosing clothes!

Crossbar knot storage method

Tie a relatively strong rope to the crossbar, tie a knot at intervals, and hang the clothes in the gap between the knot and the knot.

Note: The longest clothes are hung on the top and the short clothes are hung below.

Only six garments can be hung in the traditional way, and now twelve garments are hung in this way.

2. Clothes roll storage method

Roll clothes into a small cylinder

When placed in a cabinet, a layer of newspaper is placed on top of each layer as a compartment because newspapers are placed in it to make it easy to pick up clothes and to prevent moisture and moisture.

3.Drawer classification storage method

Stack your underwear neatly in the storage box for easy access and save space.

4. Recycling of used clothes

When you sort your clothes, you can always find that you do n’t like the clothes you can reuse. Old shirts can be wrapped in winter quilts, and the sleeves are fastened with buttons, which can not only prevent dust, but also reduce the volume of clothes, saving storage space .

Look, this packed closet is neat and orderly, and it also frees up some space. Is it compared with the previous one?

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5. Clever stacking

We usually fold our clothes into a flat surface.

The rolled up clothes are easy to put and hold, and they won't fold.


See the video for the specific method

Can you increase the capacity of your wardrobe without spending money? Is it practical? Hurry up and give your wardrobe a facelift too!

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