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Today, I went back to school late, and Wang Chuanmen was heard

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Green spring


Nanhe Xiaogou Beihu Park

Riding | Ma Xiaoyong

In the early morning, when the morning sun was rising,

I take you, you take money, you take your little girlfriend,

Traveling by bike together,

The road is far away, but the mood is especially comfortable,

I would like to say a word, this time must:

Come on a journey that says go away, talk about a love that does n’t care


Xiao Yan

Appreciate | Hou Pengmei

I want to go to Xiao's temple with you,

Listen to the play, look at the flowers, blow the hair

厨房劳作的慈母, Look at the old cow under the bamboo canopy, the loving mother working in the kitchen,

A passionate blacksmith, a shameful bride;


Longyuan Campus

Taking Pictures |

A unique one walks around on campus, the campus of Qingming Festival is not lively,

But this spring's campus is unique.

The flowers are blooming, scrambling,

Trees have sprouts, and grass has woven large green blankets.

The campus is vibrant,

Our campus is more beautiful and charming with colorful flowers.

Beauty is actually around.


Tianfu billion

Play | Li Wei

Who in my memory has stopped to look far;

In my mind, who has disappeared and gone; what kind of figure I leave to others in the years of rotation; flowers bloom, who turns around makes me cry.

People will be happy if they are content, and happy if their hearts are simple!


Longyuan Jiedao

Riding | Ma Linjuan

Spring came silently,

Everything recovers, and my mood follows with joy,

New beach landing

Take my little friend and enjoy the beauty along the way,

Singing cheerful songs, riding the refreshing wind,

Leaving my figure and memories on the streets of Longyuan,

May time pass without us


Xi'an / Terracotta Army, Huashan

Climbing | Wang Rong

The best things in life are not just hard work,

And hard climbing,

And I travel through time and space in terracotta warriors,

To experience the grandeur of Qin Shiming,

The towering body of the Qin figurine is full of heroism,

I know that that is the need for the prosperity of the country;

And I went to the top of Huashan to feel the dawn and sunrise,

The cold wind blows my tangled hair,

I know that after the vicissitudes of life,

There will be rainbows after wind and rain, warm springs after winter;



Travel | Li Ben, Chen Guolong, Zhang Runze

"The mountains and rivers are beautiful in the barrier." Zhao Shichun, one of the "eight talents" of the Ming Dynasty, praised Laoshan in this way. According to legend, Guang Chengzi practiced in this mountain, Huang Di came to ask the Taoist immortal Guang Chengzi, who called Laoshan "the first Taoist mountain in the world." Laoshan later developed into a religious cradle where Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism are united, and there is mutual respect and prosperity. Sheshan is also the birthplace of the She School, one of the five major martial arts schools in China. King Zhou Mu, Qin Shihuang, and Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty all took Dengyu as their grand event.


Gorgeous like rainbow, Rainbow Bridge

Riding | Zhang Yuting

The rainbow-colored bridge has always been a dream in my heart,

I want to confide my thoughts on your bridge,

Listen to the songs I wrote for you with you,

I sing the song, the lyrics are written for you,

Gorgeous as rainbow, wonderful as you,

May your graceful beauty add color to this beautiful land of Qingyang,

Looking forward to more information news, please continue to follow us!

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