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Hui dry goods | How can automotive electronics companies become the backbone of the "national brand strategy"?

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Most of the world-renowned evaluation agencies currently take corporate brands as their evaluation objects, and the indicators of corporate sales, internationalization, and international popularity have a greater impact on brand value. Such an evaluation standard is beneficial to large enterprises with a high degree of globalization in developed countries, and it is of great significance for the rapid growth of developing countries' brands. It is the common orientation of brand globalization values.

At the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the beginning of the "13th Five-Year Plan", China must vigorously implement its own brand development strategy, accelerate the cultivation of product brands, corporate brands, regional brands, and even national brands with independent intellectual property rights, and strive to pass a number of Yearly efforts to realize the dream of the Chinese brand power as soon as possible. "China's economy has become stronger and stronger, and it is necessary to cultivate and build a number of international brands, especially important support for a number of well-known international brands," said Liu Junqing, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China Brand Construction Promotion Association.

In the "Quality Development Outline" promulgated by the State Council, the use of brand power as the cornerstone of building a quality and economic power will "form a group of advantageous companies with internationally renowned brands and core competitiveness" and "explore and cultivate a group of companies that can compete with top international players" Brands comparable to 'Made in China' and 'China Service' high-end brands' are important goals.

The cultivation and development of independent brands has risen to the height of national strategy. Well-known brands represent not only the strength of an enterprise, but also the image of the country. The prosperity of China's auto industry has directly promoted the rapid rise of the automotive electronics industry. The strong demand of the downstream application market provides huge space for the development of the automotive electronics industry.

Brand A stirs up economic backbone

A strong brand means a strong industry. This is consensus and even action.

The electronic equipment deployment rate of Chinese automotive products has always been below the international level. For many years, it has continued to struggle to comprehensively promote professional intelligent manufacturing. For more than two decades, brands in the automotive electronics industry have gathered the wisdom and collective strength to unswervingly implement "innovation and self-made" Strategy, overcome difficulties and move forward, and industrial development has risen strongly.

As consumers' demands for automotive safety, comfort and entertainment continue to increase, vehicle electronics are becoming a boom. A large number of electronic control devices such as self-diagnostic systems, electronic stability systems (ESP), navigation equipment (GPS), and tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) have become standard equipment for high-end cars, and have gradually penetrated into low- and medium-end vehicles.

A big leap has been achieved in the development of the industry-a supporting system of on-board software and hardware with modern characteristics has been established, demonstrating the foundation and leading position of the brand in the development of historical trends. First-line brands are focusing on promoting supply-side structural reforms, optimizing service, stable growth, changing momentum, and promoting transformation. Economic benefits have steadily improved, provoking the backbone of industrial economic development.

B authoritative media acts as the "main battlefield"

Since its establishment in 1992, HC.com, as a Hong Kong-listed company, is committed to promoting the development of industrial information and networking. It has been in the automotive industry and the aftermarket for nearly 20 years. It has led the development of B2B e-commerce and professional media, and has always adhered to the industry The development strategy of normalization of information and platform of e-commerce transactions provides enterprise-level users with brand-wide communication, information promotion, e-commerce, and finance, and other industrial ecological chain services.

HC Automotive Company keeps pace with the times and leads the trend. The four professional media and e-commerce platforms of its auto parts, automotive electronics, automotive supplies, and automotive maintenance tools are the main positions for brand communication and information release in the entire automotive industry chain, aiming to comprehensively enhance corporate brand reputation and brand value.

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As the main battlefield of the branding process of the industry, HC Network Automotive Industry Brand Event, after seven years, brought together tens of millions of brands to compete with each other on the same stage, showing the high expectations of the industry's "main engine" role.  

It can be said that the history of the development of the automotive electronics brand event is the history of the industry's brand change.

As the brand ’s support and contribution to the development of the entire industry becomes more prominent, the “main battlefield” of the brand event leading the development of the industry has become more obvious, showing new results in industrial support, innovation leadership, and open platforms.  

The rise of the C industry, provoking the backbone of the "national brand strategy"

  The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" has begun, and a bright future is even more worth looking forward to. The implementation of China's brand economy development strategy has been implemented. As a key driving force for China's economic structure reform and upgrading at this stage, brands are placed in an important position.

(第七届)汽车电子品牌盛会,立足汽车电子产业优化发展,积极推进品牌深化,加快构建行业生态圈,打造一批具有核心竞争力的产业集群。 On the journey of advancing branding and industrial support, the 2017 HC Network (seventh) automotive electronics brand event, based on the optimized development of the automotive electronics industry, actively promoted brand deepening, accelerated the establishment of an industrial ecosystem, and created a group of core competitiveness Industry cluster.

Unite first-line brands to concentrate their energy and continue their efforts to deepen the brand engine. The annual project "Brand Event" is the main battlefield, and the joint development of the industry is the focus. Through innovation drive and project leadership, it strives for the goal of maximizing brand benefits and continues to grow. industry.

年,慧聪要做一场怎样的汽车电子品牌盛会? In 2017 , what kind of car electronics brand event is HC going to make? The awards ceremony will be seen in Guangzhou on June 30th.

The 2017 HC Network (seventh) automotive electronics brand event will become the backbone of the "national brand strategy" together with outstanding brand companies! !! !!

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