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Mind and Body Journey | It's better to go to the Western Hemisphere for a heartbeat 邂逅

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Come Here | Experience a Different Western Hemisphere

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Mexico, Colombia & Peru


Country introduction:

Mexico (Mexico) is located in North America, borders the United States in the north, and the capital is Mexico City. Most people believe in Catholicism. Here there are profound ancient Indian civilizations, mysterious Mayan culture, and prosperous modern workers and peasants. They are also a gathering place of various races, witnessing the collision and integration between continents. Mexico's climate is complex and diverse. The coastal and southeastern plains have a tropical climate (savannah climate), with evergreen trees, so they enjoy the reputation of "Pearl of the Plateau".

Temperature: The average temperature from June to August in summer is 19 ℃ ~ 31 ℃

Time zone: GMT-6: 00; 14 hours slower than China

Project information introduction:

Global Pre-Enrollment: 100

Project start time: June-August

Duration: 6-8 weeks

other information

There are many chapters and projects in Mexico, and the quality is uneven . Some cities, such as Juarez, are more dangerous, so choose carefully. More recommended branches: ITAM, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Queretaro.

Hold a U.S. visa and travel to Mexico on a flight departing from the United States for travel, transit, or business, and you can enter Mexico without a visa.Tourist visas can enter up to 180 days . Mofang can provide Invitation Letter.

. 且提供住宿,每日至少一餐,接送机和buddy。 No TN fee . And provide accommodation, at least one meal a day, transfer and buddy.

If there are more EP apply in China, there will be match mania.


Country introduction:

Colombia is located in northwestern South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Caribbean Sea in the north. In terms of population and race, they are multi-Indo-European, white, and mulatto. Spanish is the national language and more Catholic. The capital is Santa Fe Bogota. The local climate is tropical rain forest, tropical forest climate, etc. July and August are the best tourist seasons.

Temperature: The average summer temperature in Lembia is 18 ℃ ~ 31 ℃

Time zone: GMT-5: 00 13 hours behind China

Project information introduction:

Global Pre-Enrollment: 30

Project start time: June-August

Duration: 6-8 weeks

other information

1. TN fee varies, some do not need TN fee, some are about 40USD.

2. The type of visa is a volunteer visa. The Colombian side can provide an Invitation Letter.

3. Provide accommodation, one meal a day, airport transfers, buddy and cultural courses (language or dance lessons or travel).


Country introduction:

Peru (Peru) is located in western South America, and its full name is the Republic of Peru. Peru gave birth to the Little North prehistoric civilization, one of the earliest human civilizations in the Americas, and the Inca Empire, the largest nation in the Americas in the pre-Columbian period. The annual average temperature of the capital Lima is 18.7 ° C, which is known as "the world's rainless city". With its diverse natural scenery, the Amazon jungle, the Andes Plateau, the Inca ruins, and Lake Titicaca, Peru has become one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world.

Air temperature: monthly average temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 26 ℃

Time zone: GMT-5: 00 13 hours behind China

Project information introduction:

Global Pre-Enrollment: 50


Project start time: June-August

Duration: 6-8 weeks

other information

1. A tourist visa can be obtained, and the Colombian side can provide all required materials.

2. The TN fee is 60 USD.

3. Accommodation, shuttle, buddy, daily meals, Spanish or dance lessons.

4. The accommodation family is very friendly, EP does not have to worry about bad conditions. However, some homestay families do not speak English, so EP should be prepared in advance. Of course, don't be afraid to speak Spanish friends.

If you have a passion for volunteering

If you have a basic knowledge of English

If you are eager to experience the customs of various countries

So, join us, together with AIESEC, for volunteerism, for the public good,

Give one's strength

Project Q & A

1. "What is the main job of overseas volunteers?"

Volunteers from overseas volunteer projects will be engaged in social development-related work in foreign companies, NGOs or schools. The related topics include children's rights, women's rights, AIDS protection, environmental protection and other social issues, combined with the UN Sustainable Development Goal . Based on the more mature developing countries based on AIESEC, they can often work and live with volunteers from all over the world and understand the cultures of the world. At the same time, they also require volunteers to have a strong ability to adapt and live independently. Attitude towards difficulties. More than 70% of the projects are provided by local NGOs or schools, and 60% of the projects provide three meals. The specific details need to be determined based on the matching projects.

2. "How much do I spend on overseas volunteer activities"

Generally speaking, if accommodation is included, for a volunteer project of about six weeks, all costs are added up. The total cost in Southeast Asia is about 10,000, and the cost in Africa is about 10,000 to 15,000. The cost in Europe is about 15,000 to 18,000. The main costs are air tickets and visa fees. If we can actively cooperate with our work and apply for suitable projects early, we will buy cheaper air tickets early and save a lot of money.

3. "If I become an overseas volunteer, how will the security issue be resolved?"

1. We will provide safety and risk prevention education. 2. We will force every volunteer to purchase insurance. 3. To truly reassure every mom and dad, we purchase an international SOS (one of the world's leading health care, medical assistance and security services companies) usage account for every overseas volunteer. 4. We will 100% Make sure the project party picks up. 5. The project party will help you get the SIM card as soon as possible to solve your communication and network problems        

Online registration steps

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Step 1: Register the public account


Step two:

Please contact our minister ~

Step three:

Join the volunteer group and find other friends here! !!


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