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Recruitment Letter

1994 2 月,现为中国交通建设集团有限公司参股企业,具有工程勘察综合类甲级资质、公路行业(公路、特大桥梁、特长隧道、交通工程)工程设计甲级资质、市政行业(道路工程、桥梁工程)专业甲级、公路、水文地质、工程测量、岩土工程咨询甲级、市政公用工程(市政交通)咨询甲级。 Beijing Jianda Road and Bridge Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in February 1994. It is now a joint-stock enterprise of China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. It has a comprehensive Class A qualification for engineering survey and highway industry (highway, extra large bridge, extra long tunnel, traffic engineering). Design Grade A qualification, Grade A professional in municipal industry (road engineering, bridge engineering), Grade A in highway, hydrogeology, engineering surveying, geotechnical engineering consulting, Grade A in municipal public engineering (municipal transportation) consulting. The company specializes in the feasibility study, survey and design, consulting and review, design supervision of highways, bridges, tunnels, traffic engineering, municipal roads and bridge engineering, construction monitoring of large bridges; reinforcement design and reconstruction of old bridges; geotechnical engineering survey, Design and governance; civil engineering consulting. 2017 年应届本科毕业生,选拔优秀人才,充实我公司勘察设计、科研队伍。 Due to the needs of the company's development, we are now recruiting 2017 undergraduate graduates from your school to select outstanding talents to enrich our company's survey, design and research teams. I hope to attract outstanding graduates of related majors from your university.

We sincerely hope that students who are interested in applying for the job will send their resumes to the designated mailbox first, and the company will arrange the interview uniformly.

Beijing Jianda Daqiao Consulting Co., Ltd.

  March 10, 2017

北京建达道桥咨询有限公司 Recruiter: Beijing Jianda Daqiao Consulting Co., Ltd.

Recruitment post: Daqiao design post

从事道桥专业的设计及科研工作 Responsibilities: Engage in the design and research of road and bridge majors

土木工程专业,只招北京籍生源,限男生。 Requirements: Major in civil engineering, only recruiting Beijing students, only male students.

2-5人 Recruitment number: 2-5 people


  薪资管理规定 ”定薪,每年根据公司标准享有公平的调薪、升职机会; 1. Set salary in accordance with the company's " salary management regulations " and enjoy fair salary adjustment and promotion opportunities every year according to company standards;

2. The company provides unobstructed career development channels and perfect training for employees, which improves employees in all aspects;

3. The company provides a comprehensive protection plan for employees, including state-provided endowment insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance; housing provident fund;

4. The company provides dormitories and shuttle buses;

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5. The company regularly organizes employees to participate in free health checks;

6. The company regularly organizes group activities such as cultural and sports activities, outings, gatherings, and gala.

北京市 Work location: Beijing

北京市朝阳区酒仙桥东路 1号院7号楼东4层 Address: East 4th Floor, Building 7, No. 1 Courtyard , Jiuxianqiao East Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing

010—64334600 Phone: 010—64334600

王亮 Contact : Wang Liang

Email :      

   Interested parties please send your resume and transcript of each academic year to the e-mail address and wait for the interview.

www.bjjd.com.cn Website: www.bjjd.com.cn

Interview process:

简历筛选电话面试 →面试→ 复试录取通知 Submit ResumeCV ScreeningPhone Interview → Interview → RetestAdmission Notice

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