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Newcomers and new works | A visual feast is here again, May Fourth night meets you

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Chengli Youth, accompany your colorful youth!

Want to stand out on the vast campus

Want to make like-minded friends

Want more opportunities

Want to feel the charm of the stage

come on!

Newcomer New Work Dance Contest


Hey! Do you know the newcomer dance competition?

Of course I know! One of the biggest school competitions every year! At that time, people who dance in the whole school will go there to dance ~



I heard that it is particularly fun and the atmosphere is particularly good!

Ah ~ I want to go too!



Haha ~ let's go! This year's newcomer new work dance competition is about to start.

I want to see what happened last year. Did you go last year?



Of course, I will show you the photos.

academy of Marxism

School of Tourism and Planning

School of Communication Science and Arts

Business school

Grammar school

School of Management Science

ti7 qualifier

College of Information Science and Technology

School of Earth Sciences

School of Geophysics

School of Environmental and Civil Engineering

Wow, they are awesome!



Of course, you can not only show yourself, but also make like-minded friends.

You see, it ’s a lot of fun to practice together!

I'm going to see!



OK, let me introduce to you the content of this new dance competition.

activity theme

The theme of this year's dance competition is "Dancing Science and Technology, Drawing Dreams of China". Demonstrate the great ideals of contemporary college students who are connected to the motherland, shoulder the mission, and work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; demonstrate the lofty pursuit of contemporary college students to walk with the motherland, with the people, with the times, with the dreams; College students are full of vigor, vigor, and pioneering youth.


(I) Deadline for registration: April 14, 2017

(II) Preliminary examination: April 25, 2017

(3) Time: May 4, 2017

prize settings

There will be 1 special prize, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 4 third prizes, and 5 excellent prizes. There will also be a single award "Best Editing Award" and "Best Stage Effect". "Award", "Excellent Instructor Award", "Excellent Organization Award".

Awesome, I will watch on time!


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Ah, I fell down. I need to like it to get up

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