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Movie Appreciation || After all, you are the Oscar in my mind

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"Manchester by the Sea"

Director: Kenneth Lornagan

Starring: Cassie Affleck , Lucas Hedges, Michelle Williams ...

The 89th Academy Awards: Best Actor, Best Picture Nomination


First, a brief introduction to the plot of the movie.

,是波士顿的一名修理工,住在天花板再低一寸就会碰头的房间,没有家庭,也没有朋友,生活里除了去给别人通厕所,修管道,就是在酒吧到处找人挥拳头。 The hero Lee is a repairman in Boston. He lives in a room where the ceiling is an inch lower. He has no family or friends. In addition to going to the toilet for others and repairing pipes, he is looking for a fist everywhere in the bar. .

男主就是个十足的looser In simple terms, the male lead is a perfect looser . When you look at the beginning, you might think that straight men are simply the level of life destruction. They don't live well and can't blame others at all.


Until the male lead received news that his elder brother Joe had died of illness, he had to return to his hometown to cook a funeral.

My brother died and it was normal for him to take care of his nephew, but the man was very resistant. He just wanted to return to Boston quickly, but nephew Patrick didn't want to follow him.

During this period, the male owner and nephew Patrick got close to each other and both suffered injuries.

The painful big boys became dependent on each other, one of which is particularly interesting,

Patrick wants the male lead to help drag his girlfriend's mother so that it can be created for the little couple

Time, but the male lead messed up without expectation , the decadent uncle apparently made friends with

Not good, not even willing to accept the kindness of others.

To put it bluntly, it is hard to want to be good.

The reason why the male lead will become such a decadent and useless bastard is actually because of a past. .

Originally living in his hometown, he had his own family and three children, but because of one mistake, he killed three children in a fire. For this reason, his wife divorced him, and when he regretted it, he even pulled out the policeman's gun and aimed at his head.

The miserable past has made the male lead falter. Although the bad life was caused by him, but he always turned around, it was really distressing.

In reality, we always think that pain will pass, and as long as we live, there will be hope, and everything will be better, but in this movie, you can't see these things full of positive energy.

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When the male lead saw his brother's body, he behaved abnormally calmly.

When he heard his ex-wife said he had forgiven himself and loved him, he actually aggravated his inner pain.

When the police said to him, we won't lock you up because of your mistake, everyone will make mistakes, you need to get better yourself, but after so many years, he has never forgiven himself

The life entangled with pain is really not so easy to live, which is exactly what this movie wants to tell us. Although the film did not deliberately make people cry, it still made the viewer's chest dull, because it was about our life.

People who can't get out of their injuries become persecutors. They never complain about life, they are accustomed to bad life until the end of their lives.

还是回到了波士顿,选择回到自己原本不正常的人生里,他说自己躲不掉往事,只能逃。 At first I thought that the return trip in the movie would be a turning point. After seeing it, I found that I was too optimistic. The male lead finally returned to Boston and chose to return to his abnormal life. He said that he could not escape the past. Can only escape.

There are no paragraphs in life, let alone turning and restarting at will. This is exactly the most heartbreaking part of the entire movie.

We often like to watch the story of redemption, like the ups and downs, and the climax.

But in reality , no one will really get better immediately because of an experience, but the life that can't be better will continue.

Even if you experience something, it will only have a slight impact, but you must take the past carefully and avoid touching the rocks.

In short, this movie has a lot of staying power. It looked boring in the first half and heartbreak in the second half. Even when I was choosing pictures and pictures, I thought of the whole movie as if I had suffered a second hit.

I saw someone say on Weibo, "Before watching this movie, my friends said that if they were this man, they would have died. But I think there will always be hope in life. I ca n’t say so absolutely, no After thinking about it, what I think in my heart is that if I were him, I would really not have lived . "

In short, even if you do n’t have the patience to watch this 137-minute narrative movie, I hope you can remember one thing. When others are in misfortune, do n’t say “everything will pass” because this is a lie .

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