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Winnie the Fanny | If I can, I really want to choose to be alone

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

My beauty teacher


White water pond

Man / Mr. Wan Ye

It's been a long time since I left Baishuitang and returned to my hometown these days to handle some things.

When he returned to Baishuitang, it was clear.

The weather is warming up, everything is recovering, everything in Baishuitang is good, it is the water town, and there are many mosquitoes.

When she opened the door of Feife, she saw Amo, was bitten by a mosquito bag, and was holding a fan to catch mosquitoes.

When he saw me, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes, and then he slumped again, "You are back."

I said, "Don't pretend to be indifferent, in fact, you've already bounced in your heart long ago. How can I live these days without me?"

Amo said, "You have been with me for only one year, and you have been away for only half a month. I have had a long time before you came. How bad can you be if you leave that little half a month ?"

"I knew it so I wouldn't be in a hurry to return, and come back after sweeping the tomb."

" I originally thought this way, but later discovered that the relationship between people is not a simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You have been in my life for only one year and you have been away for half a month. Before you never came, I had Well, but half a month after you left, it is as old as it is. Sometimes it ’s like this, it ’s not bad without you, but it seems to be better with you. So welcome back.

Well, to put it bluntly, I just look forward to whether you will bring back the specialty! I have been thinking about brown sugar cookies for a long time. "

"Say, what are you doing these days? God is mysterious."

"You may not believe it, so don't say it."

"Sell off again! I don't care about your meal today!"

"Well, I said, these days, I'm going on a blind date."

"A blind date! I didn't expect you to embark on the blind date." Amo looked startled.

"You think I'm young!"

"No, I thought you should. No one wants it, and honest people won't want you."


" The cruelest reality is not that no one loves you, but that when you think you are ugly enough that no one loves you, you still can't live alone and you have to compromise with reality and spend the rest of your life with an honest person.

What's even more cruel is that the honest person you feel will have the lover in dreams he can't.

You're right, honest people don't want me.

Hey, no one has been so difficult, I want to be alone and never match the third daughter and the sixth wife.

If I can, I want to be alone. "

I remember the first time I saw A Mo, and it was the rainy season in Jiangnan, and it was already a year.

Winnie Feife's business has been very stagnant and I don't know how long it will last, but as long as Amo doesn't leave, I won't leave.

I asked Amo: "You said, can we keep going? People who listen to stories and coffee are getting fewer and fewer. Will we really continue like this?"

"I don't know, just keep walking until people leave for tea. I originally thought that you wouldn't stay here for long. I originally thought that you would never return when you went back. There is nothing here, only mosquitoes." Said As he patted another mosquito, he drew blood on his apron.

"Do you know why I like White Water Pond?

Baishuitang is like a tomb. Many people come here to bury memories, some buried the past here, some buried themselves here.

The best tacit understanding here is that everyone has a past, but everyone doesn't ask the past, and we don't mention the past, we take good care of each other's injuries. No one can exaggerate their sadness.

Here, it is most suitable for the tree chastity archway. There are no aunts and aunts, and no one cares about you. You can grow old alone.

As long as the bear Feifei has been supporting, I will never leave.

There is a place to escape right and wrong.

I want a simple life, yogurt, coffee, stories, and people who can occasionally stir.

One day, the three aunts and six wives were in a hurry, and the two of us lied that they were in the right place and lived through our little days. "

"Don't, people who are too similar in character don't fit together. Well, it's mainly because you think you look ugly."

"Say, Amo, don't you have a family member? I haven't heard of you, and I haven't been worried about money. The little bear Feifei has been losing money.

"It's not about you. If you want to grow old alone, Feifei can still support you."

I wanted to follow up, and suddenly someone opened the door and walked in.

Hey, Fanny Bear, come for coffee?

There is a place where you can always hide when you are tired.

Winnie Feife, come for coffee?

Spider pond