www35hg.com [Shiyan Lake Dragon Boat Festival] Splitting waves and breaking waves, hundreds of birds competing for the current, set off a wave of dragon boat competition ~

[Shiyan Lake Dragon Boat Festival] Splitting waves and breaking waves, hundreds of birds competing for the current, set off a wave of dragon boat competition ~

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Dragon boat racing is an important folk activity in China. Dragon boat racing is not only a sports and entertainment activity, but also reflects the heritage of our country's long history and culture and the spirit of collectivism!

When it comes to the origin of Dragon Boats, people will naturally think of commemorating Qu Yuan. In fact, in the book "Fuling Millennium Dragon Boat", 104 writers and scholars' exquisite discussions on Liling Dragon Boats are compiled. Liling Dragon Boat originated 5,000 years ago, so it is more than 3,000 years before the commemoration of Qu Yuan.

,是促使远古的人们将龙和舟结合在一起的重要因素。 The south is a country of water and Ze, and the river network is dense. Boats have become an important means of daily transportation. The worship of dragons and the expectation of a good life are important factors that urge ancient people to combine dragons and boats together.

At first, the racing boat was just an ordinary canoe. Until the Western Zhou Dynasty, the combination of the boat and the dragon totem, the dragon boat, began to appear. The earliest historical material recorded by Dragon Boat in ancient documents is "Biography of Mu Tianzi", "He is floating in Onuma by bird boat and dragon boat."

Humans have boats and often move on water to facilitate travel and hunting. The ancestors spontaneously started the original race in order to compete for food.

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赛龙舟又称划龙船、爬(扒)龙船等等, 虽然名称不同,但都是指同一件事情。 "The Book of Sui · Geography" contains: "It's a tradition to learn from one another. It's a race." Sailing dragon boats are also called dragon boats, climbing (scraping) dragon boats, etc. Although the names are different, they all mean the same thing.

In ancient times, rowing activities, mainly dominated by racing, were common in folks, and the main purpose at that time was to get rid of illness, alleviate disasters, worship and commemorate.

After Qin, Han, Wei and Jin dynasties, dragon boat racing began to be associated with the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival. Later, the Wuyue culture gradually converged with the Central Plains culture. This custom spread to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and northern China and became a major activity of the Dragon Boat Festival.

According to the statistics of local counties, dragon boat racing is popular in 214 counties and cities across the country. Dragon boat races generally follow the traditional practice of the predecessors, and are basically held around the Dragon Boat Festival, so the audience is lively and grand.

,每年有十几万游客在石燕湖赛龙舟。 Shiyan Lake is the largest mass dragon boat base in Hunan Province , with more than 100,000 tourists racing dragon boats in Shiyan Lake every year. 、“ 2001 年湖南省龙舟争霸赛” 、“ 2002 年猎豹杯中国长沙石燕湖国际龙舟赛”等大型赛事。 In addition to the daily Dragon Boat Tournament for tourists, the scenic area has successfully held large-scale events such as the “2000 Hunan Dragon Boat Finals” , “ 2001 Hunan Dragon Boat Race” , and “ 2002 Cheetah Cup China Changsha Shiyan Lake International Dragon Boat Race” .

欣赏一番“百舸争流 浪遏飞舟”的画面! The dragon boat race of Dragon Boat Festival each year has become a traditional program of Shiyan Lake. It can not only enjoy the natural scenery of the scenic area, breathe the fresh air between the mountains, but also feel the passion and charm of the dragon boat race. "Screen!

8:00—18:00 [Opening hours] 8: 00-18: 00

长沙市雨花区跳马镇石燕铺石燕湖村 [Scenic Address] Shiyanpu Shiyanhu Village, Tiaoma Town, Yuhua District, Changsha City

[Scenic Tickets] 98元 / Shiyan Lake fare 98 yuan / person

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Go south along Wanjiali Road, turn left at the 7th traffic light intersection after crossing the Tianling Ridge Tunnel, turn on Zhenhua Road, turn right along Zhenhua Road towards the end of Dongzai Road, turn right and go straight for 3 kilometers, turn into Shiya Go straight on the road, turn right at the T-shaped junction at the end of Shiya Highway, go straight to the entrance of the scenic spot. (Or navigate the Baiyan Map of Shiyan Lake Ecological Park directly)

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