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Revolution of 1911

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The name of the work: "The Revolution of 1911"

Time: 2015

Author: Pan Chaoan

Seal: Pan Chaoan Seal

The creative background of the work was a mass in the late Qing Dynasty-the braiding movement

The braid is a symbol of Qing dynasty rule.When the Qing Dynasty defeated Li Zhicheng and entered the customs in 1644, in order to rule the world, the Manchu and Han ethnic groups changed their customs and hair styles.They had ordered men across the country to shave their hair and defend women. Alas, so slowly ruled from the habits, customs and culture.

The Revolution of 1911 to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and shave off its braids is also the most obvious and direct revolutionary manifestation of the authority of the Qing Dynasty.


The work contrasts two figures from different times in one era. One is a righteous advocate of the Reform Movement. The image of the righteous Ling Ran is full of blood, firm-eyed, and sturdy, and he is holding the reformist newspapers tightly.

The other character is a small person who represents the old school. Under the oppression of feudal society, the life is dying from the bottom. The wretched eyes and atrophied body seem to be unconfident about life and the future.

One was anger scowling for "cutting the argument", the other was timid to help him cut the argument, muttering still in his mouth: You said you want to cut, don't regret cutting it.

The work well presents the different states of the two characters, and clearly reflects the "cutting movement" of the 1911 Revolution. The writer uses the sculptural feel of the sculpture in his technique, expressing boldness and boldness without losing the details and feelings.

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