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Very honored to witness the birth of the legend

Public number: NBA Thunder Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:52:53

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41 次三双,追平大 O 纪录,与灰熊的比赛投进了八记三分赢得胜利,我们见证了最棒的威少。 The Thunder may have played the best back-to-back game of the season, and it all stems from the excellent performance of Westbrook. In the game with the Bucks, they won the 41st triple-double of the season , tied the big O record and against the Grizzlies In the game, we scored eight three-pointers to win, and we witnessed the best Westbrook.

The season is about to end, and the dispute over mvp in the regular season has intensified. Wei Shao continued his high-light performance and worked hard to help the team win more games. In the games since March, Wei Shao ’s magic has played to defeat the opponent again and again. , Randolph, Terry, Fourier, Lillard, Tony Allen and other players who have been in the NBA for many years have been impressed by the performance of Westbrook. In addition, Big O, Iverson, Kidd, Garnett, O'Neal After the retired famous places also began to support the youngsters. For the youngsters, this is really an incredible season. He has received the attention of the entire league and received more respect.

The change of Wei Shao is obvious. This is not only reflected in the statistics. The triple double is just one aspect. More important is his leadership. In the second half of the 14-15 season, Wei Shao also led the team alone and also played. Many high-light performances, but at that time he was still not mature enough. When there were too many matches in the anxiety, Wei Shao always shot hastily. In the end, he lost regret. He was also included in the mvp discussion, but his performance was still Far from enough, the Thunder certainly didn't make it to the playoffs.

Wei Shao, who led the team this season alone, has gone through ups and downs, playing the best performance of his career. He is still playing three doubles, but in these games, he has provided more help to the team. We have seen the reversal and lore script more than once, and it turns out that he has made his teammates better. Already. Wei Shao gave everything to the team. He took on a lot of responsibilities and became more mature. There is no doubt that he played at the mvp level, he deserve it.

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Regardless of whether or not this season has been elected to MVP, for all Thunder fans, this year is the "Mighty Boy". He is making history, and we are all witnessing this legend, which is like the 81-point Kobe Bryant at the time, although this It may not be possible to win the championship for the team, but years later, it is the best memory. The man named Russell has had a crazy performance. We can proudly say that we have witnessed history!

Thank you Wei Shao, it is my blessing to be able to like such a good idol! A person who is full of positive energy from experience to character. Thank you for letting me enjoy the fun of watching and winning the game this season after losing a star in vain. Thank you for making me feel right with your own performance. The Thunder ’s ball is full of expectations. Maybe it ’s difficult for us to fight for the championship this season, but thank you for that. Well, I just watch the ball. It is a blessing to watch Wei Shao play. Thank you.

I have known many, many triple-double records many years ago, but they are all recordless and useless

Until your flying season this season, all kinds of incredible, you will all my sealed memory, the time of thumbing is no longer garbage ...

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