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Convenience announcement

Public number: Xiangyang Community Neighborhood Committee Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:52:51

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In order to facilitate the residents' lives, residents can pay the fixed-line broadband charges, water, gas, and transportation fines in the community instead of paying at business outlets; train tickets, long-distance bus tickets, air tickets, and mobile phone charges can be purchased , Traffic recharge; there are gas card recharge, game direct recharge, Q coin recharge ...,.

于多方面缴费为一体的缴费终端,可以一站式缴纳多种费用,带给居民实实在在的便利。 Xiangyang Community specially applies for the “One-stop Digital Service Platform for Convenient People and People ” service. The “One-stop Digital Service Platform for Convenient People and People is a payment terminal that integrates various aspects of payment. It can pay multiple fees in one stop and bring it to residents Real convenience.

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