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SAIC Volkswagen's flagship large SUV Teramont launched

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月29日,上汽大众大型全尺寸旗舰 SUV Teramont途昂在乌镇互联网国际会展中心上市。 On March 29, SAIC Volkswagen's large full-size flagship SUV Teramont Tuon was listed at the Wuzhen Internet International Exhibition Center. Relevant leaders of SAIC Volkswagen, “Volkswagen” car owners, dealer partners, and hundreds of mainstream media nationwide gathered in Wuzhen to witness this important moment.

530V6(2.5T) 380TSI(2.0T高功版) 330TSI(2.0T低碳版) 三种动力,全系配备 DQ500 DSG七速湿式双离合变速器 ,共推出9款车型,售价区间 30.89万元——51.89万元 Touron offers three powers of 530V6 (2.5T) , 380TSI (2.0T high-power version) , 330TSI (2.0T low-carbon version) , all of which are equipped with DQ500 DSG seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission . A total of 9 models have been launched for sale. The range is 308,900 yuan-518,900 yuan .

In this era of ours, more and more successful people emerge. The true strong ones are not just masculine and tough in the face of challenges, but also calm and thoughtful in wisdom and love to take responsibility! Teramont Touron is the largest, strongest and most complete full-size SUV tailored for such a group of internal and external powerhouses.

Tu Ang is such a powerful car that combines the appearance of a strong and powerful man, the stronger ambition of meeting the strong and the thoughtful wisdom of calm control. Regardless of the mountains or the city, whether it is rugged or smooth, its powerful genes can accompany you to smile frankly.

1,989mm1,773mm ,轴距长达2,980mm ,超大的车身尺寸展现出威猛自信的气场。 Teramont's length, width and height are 5,039mm , 1,989mm , 1,773mm , and the wheelbase is 2,980mm . The oversized body size shows a powerful and confident air field.

The front hood characteristic line runs through laterally, the air intake grille extends into the headlights on both sides, and the thick chrome trim wraps the car logo, which has a strong overall feeling and is more spacious. 方正有力,沉稳自信。 The dual-lens LED headlights are powerful, calm and confident.

Front grille

Double lens LED headlight

The side lines of the body are calm and smooth, and the powerful waist line connects the front and rear wheel covers and extends to the tail lights.

Side sharp waistline

The thick wheel cover design brings a sense of trustworthy security. The new car offers three different styles and sizes of wheels to choose from. 表面采用抛光工艺,超大十幅立棱设计,营造出立体的光影效果。 Among them, the surface of the 20-inch polished aluminum alloy wheels is polished, with a large ten-edge design, creating a three-dimensional light and shadow effect.

20-inch polished aluminum wheels

造型个性犀利, Panorama大尺寸全景天窗带有电动遮阳帘和防夹功能,采光面积达到1.18㎡,三层密封结构可完全阻隔外界的雨水、灰尘和噪音,隔热率高达88%。 The new section design enhances the three-dimensional and layered sense of the tail. The matrix LED taillights have a sharp personality. The Panorama large-size panoramic sunroof has electric sunshades and anti-pinch functions. The lighting area reaches 1.18㎡. The three-layer sealed structure can completely block the outside world. Rain, dust and noise, the insulation rate is up to 88%.

Matrix LED tail light

Panorama large size panoramic sunroof

Teramont's interior style echoes the exterior design. The horizontal instrument panel is atmospheric and does not lose tension. The interior of the instrument panel and door panel is decorated with wax wood solid wood strips originally from Europe. Each piece has a different texture, giving it a unique identity.

Simple atmospheric interior

Waxed wood trim

,最大扭矩与额定功率分别高达500Nm220kW ,配合全系标配的DQ500 DSG七速湿式双离合变速器,百公里加速快至6.9秒 。 Teramont Touron is equipped with the world's first EA390 2.5T V6 turbocharged engine . The maximum torque and rated power are up to 500Nm and 220kW respectively. Together with the standard DQ500 DSG seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, the 100km acceleration is as fast as 6.9 seconds .

EA390 2.5T V6 turbocharged engine

DQ500 DSG Seven Speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission

,兼顾了低油耗、高输出和优良的性能。 In addition, Teramont Toon also offers two third-generation EA888 2.0T turbocharged engines , taking into account low fuel consumption, high output and excellent performance.

4MOTION智能全时四驱系统 ,并提供8种驾驶模式选择,让驾驶者在5种公路模式、2种越野模式和1种雪地模式之间随心切换。 In terms of handling, Teramont Touron is equipped with DCC adaptive dynamic suspension , 4MOTION intelligent full-time four-wheel drive system , and provides 8 driving mode options, allowing the driver to drive in 5 road modes, 2 off-road modes and 1 snow Switch between modes at will.

4MOTION intelligent full-time four-wheel drive

Driving mode selection

Teramont has completely refreshed the space experience of large domestic SUVs. Its "golden third row" seats have been newly developed, while enjoying exclusive and practical equipment such as air-conditioning air outlets, LED lighting, speakers, cup holders, storage compartments, etc. And have good vision.

Seven-seater layout

,实用性优越。 In order to meet the needs of consumers in different scenarios, when the rear two rows of seats are completely flat, the trunk storage space is greatly improved, with a maximum volume of 2415L , which is superior in practicality.

Ranma 1/2

409L-2415L luggage volume

Third row seat reclining

Teramont has up to 40 vehicle interiors. Among them, the large front double-piece central armrest has an internal volume of 11L, which can be used to put belongings at will, taking into account the comfort and convenience of the main and co-pilot seats.

Phone storage compartment

Front double-piece central armrest

前排座椅集12向电动可调三区自动空调系统带Clean Air PM2.5空气净化装置 ,Teramont途昂所搭载的一系列高端配置,进一步提升了乘坐的舒适性。 In addition, NAPPA premium leather seats , front seats with 12-way electrically adjustable , three-zone automatic air-conditioning system with Clean Air PM2.5 air purification device , Teramont's series of high-end configurations, further enhance the ride Comfort.

NAPPA premium leather seats

Three-zone automatic air conditioning system

真皮多功能方向盘KESSY一键启动KESSY五门免钥进入系统自动驻车 、以及电动行李箱盖带有感应开启功能及位置记忆功能等一系列科技配置,为驾乘者带来智能便捷的操作体验。 Mobile phone wireless charging , leather multi-function steering wheel , KESSY one-button activation , KESSY five-door keyless entry system , automatic parking , and electric trunk lid with sensor opening function and position memory function, etc. Brings intelligent and convenient operation experience.

Wireless phone charging function

Electric trunk lid

,拥有12个扬声器,配合双层超静音玻璃 ,为驾乘者打造纯粹静谧的车内环境。 The Danish Dynaudio audio system is equipped with 12 speakers and double-layer ultra-quiet glass to create a purely quiet environment for the driver and passenger.

Danish Audio System

When driving at night, the ambient atmosphere light luxury set in the car is adjustable in 4 colors to create different styles of car atmosphere.

Ambient atmosphere luxury set (with multi-color adjustable)

,可切换经典模式、数字模式、导航模式3种界面,让驾驶者实时获取车辆的相关信息。 Teramont's 12.3-inch full-digital LCD instrument can switch between classic mode, digital mode and navigation mode, allowing the driver to get real-time information about the vehicle.

12.3 inch full digital LCD meter

,支持高级蓝牙、MirrorLink、CarPlay等多种连接方式,打造极佳的互联体验。 The 8-inch MIB touchscreen entertainment and navigation system supports advanced Bluetooth, MirrorLink, CarPlay and other connection methods to create an excellent connected experience. The front and rear USB power supply, 12V power supply in the front and trunk, 220V power socket in the rear, and other charging ports allow drivers and passengers to recharge electronic equipment at any time.

8-inch MIB touch screen entertainment and navigation system

In addition, 360-degree bird's-eye panoramic visual driving assistance system, PLA intelligent parking assistance system with front reversing radar, advanced adaptive fixed-speed cruise system, lane keeping system, blind spot monitoring system, pre-collision safety protection system and other safety technology equipment , Which effectively guarantees the convenience and safety of driving.

360 ° bird's eye view panoramic visual driving assistance system

Advanced adaptive cruise control system

DLA智能远光灯会车跟车调节 、大灯感光自动开启功能、离家大灯智能点亮/回家大灯延迟熄灭等,可谓集百般武艺于一身。 Teramont's dual-lens LED headlights integrate many functions, including AFS intelligent servo steering , DLA intelligent high-beam headlight adjustment , car headlight auto-open function, and smart home / home headlights. Delayed extinction, etc., can be described as all kinds of martial arts in one.

AFS Intelligent Servo Steering

DLA Intelligent High-Beam Conference

In terms of active safety, Teramont Touron is equipped with active tire pressure monitoring devices, all-round ESP body dynamic electronic stability system, fatigue monitoring and other technology configurations to avoid potential risks in a timely and effective manner.

Active tire pressure monitoring device

的配备,全方位保护驾乘人员的安全。 In terms of passive safety, the car is equipped with up to 9 airbags to protect the safety of drivers and passengers. In addition, Teramont has an ultra-high-strength body, and the proportion of high-strength steel used in the whole car reaches 80%. , Greatly improving the safety of the vehicle.

Car 9 airbags

Teramont's listing will not only fill a gap in the domestic large-scale joint venture brand SUV market, but will also become a new market benchmark. As SAIC Volkswagen's large-scale flagship SUV, it forms a Volkswagen brand SUV product matrix with the new Tiguan L and the Tiguan Silk Road Edition. It also responds to PHIDEON, building a high-end product camp for SAIC Volkswagen and promoting brand value upgrades. .

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