www.hg559F.com Authoritative release of the Middle Finger Institute: Agile property brand valued at 3.003 billion, won the title of "2017 China's leading brand enterprise in property service operation"

Authoritative release of the Middle Finger Institute: Agile property brand valued at 3.003 billion, won the title of "2017 China's leading brand enterprise in property service operation"

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Bet on stone

On March 31, the Agile Property Brand Value and Elegant Living Alliance launch conference struck at Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, sparking heated discussions in the industry. Shen Jianzhong, Chairman of the China Property Management Association, Wang Peng, Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Property Management Association, Luo Xiaogang, Vice Chairman of the China Property Management Association and Chairman of the Guangdong Property Management Association, Vice Chairman of the China Property Management Association, Guangdong Province Li Jianhui, Executive Chairman of the Property Management Association, Zhou Hongbin, Yang Minzhao, Wu Jianshe, Li Shujian, Gong Yaling, Xu Qingshan, Wen Tao, Zhou Xinyi, Vice President of the China Property Management Association, Huang Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of China Index Research Institute, China Property Management Magazine The editor-in-chief is Zhao Fulin, the secretary-general of Guangdong Property Management Association, Chen Jiwei, the deputy director of the Heilongjiang Housing Society Material Committee, Li Chunli, the vice presidents of the Agile Group, Chen Zhuoxiong, Huang Fengchao, and Chen Zhongqi, the vice presidents Yue Yuan, Pan Zhiyong, and the president of Ya Life Group, Liu Deming. Vice President Che Wei, Dong Yafu, Feng Xin, as well as more than 80 platform cooperation companies including Huawei, Hikvision, iSoftStone, CIIC Robotics, and more than 200 property company representatives from all over the country and more than 30 authoritative media Leading guests gathered at the press conference to witness the innovation of Agile Property Brand Gao, and jointly explore a new model of property service management that is shared, win-win and symbiotic.

(From left: Liu Deming, President of Ya Life Group, Shen Jianzhong, President of China Property Management Association, and Dong Yafu, Vice President of Ya Life Group)

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At the press conference, according to the latest research results of China Index Research Institute, Agile property brand value reached 3.003 billion, the brand strength coefficient ranked the top 10% of the industry, the brand age and growth rate scores ranked the top 10% of the industry comprehensively, and corporate brand support score The performance is at the level of 10% in the industry.

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(Certificate issued by Huang Yu, Executive Vice President of China Index Academy)

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Huang Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of China Index Research Institute, said that the results of this announcement are based on Agile property brand recognition, brand reputation, brand loyalty, brand market distribution, brand growth rate, brand age, brand support, brand social value Comprehensive evaluation of various factors such as brand market distribution and brand social value are all considered factors.

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(Conferred by Huang Yu, Executive Vice President of China Index Academy)

National strategic deployment

Welcome new era of brand development

Deming Liu of Ya Life Group stated at the conference site that Agile Properties, a subsidiary of Ya Life Group, was founded in 1992 and has a long history of 25 years. It is one of the first batch of first-class property management companies recognized by the Ministry of Construction and the first in China. Company that introduced Hong Kong-style property management services. Relying on the excellent management team and innovative property service development strategy, Agile Property launched a national strategic deployment in 2006, gradually completed the extension of the property brand value chain service, and developed the property service operation and development for future "shared, win-win, symbiotic" Has accumulated rich experience.

(Deming Liu, President of Ya Life Group)

As of the end of 2016, Agile's property management area exceeded 69 million square meters, with operations in 43 cities and regions across the country. 10 independent property companies and 51 branches have been established, forming ten major urban management areas, with management scope ranging from the Pearl River Delta. Expanded to the Yangtze River Delta, Midwest, Hainan and Northeast China, forming a national layout. Among them, there are more than 200 benchmarking projects, the company's service team exceeds 10,000, the total number of households is about 300,000, and the service industry households exceed 1 million. Last year, it ranked among the top 15 of the top 100 property management companies in the country and welcomed the brand A new era of historical development.


Brand strength coefficient ranks top 10% in the industry

Brand value reaches 3.003 billion

In 2016, the China Index Research Institute conducted a sample survey of property service satisfaction with Agile properties, and the results showed that Agile's overall satisfaction score for property services was 81.6 points, an increase of 1.0 point from 2015. Compared with the industry level of the overall national satisfaction survey in 2016, Agile's property service satisfaction rate is 8.2 points higher than the industry level (73.4 points). Comprehensively measured, Agile Property ranks among the top 15% in the industry in terms of brand recognition, reputation, and loyalty.

(Huang Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of China Index Research Institute announced the results of the evaluation)

At the press conference, Huang Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of the China Index Research Institute, pointed out that in the past five years, the investment cost of Agile property brand construction has increased by nearly 2.5 times. "Cohesion" neighborhood cultural system, landing the "Four Happiness Plans", while strengthening community cultural construction, enhance owners' sense of belonging and cohesion; in the past three years, Agile Property has continued to exert its strength through continuous large-scale national expansion to continuously strengthen properties In the service area, we will explore and innovate diversified businesses and promote rapid growth in operating income.

During the period from 2014 to 2016, the average revenue growth rate of Agile Property was approximately 20%. Today, Agile property brands have a value of 3.003 billion, and the total score of the brand intensity coefficient is in the top 10% of the industry. In 2017, Agile Property passed the China Brand Research Institute's "Brand Value Research" certification and won the title of "2017 China's Leading Brand Enterprise in Property Service Operation", which strengthened the owner's recognition of the Agile Property brand and built the Agile Property brand advantage.

Digging deeper into professional market segments

Build a professional service brand

Agile Property always insists on in-depth exploration of personalized, refined, high-standard service needs and characteristics of Internet property services, establishes its own unique advantages and service characteristics, builds core competitiveness, and builds an excellent brand image of Internet + property management services.

In 2017, Agile Property launched an innovative model of Internet + property "service management diversification" and began to extend the "tentacles" of service management to all aspects of the mobile Internet smart community. Agile Property uses a joint development model to activate a new type of community service industry chain, and innovatively launches the Ya Life Alliance system. It helps small and medium-sized property companies to innovate and develop, and focuses on the service needs of homeowners as the core. With the help of science and technology, the community serves as the entrance. "Community services in 4 dimensions" output comprehensive solutions for community services, enrich the brand connotation and enhance brand value.

From "quality" to "quality", from "price" to "value", from "making products" to "branding", Agile Property actively exerts the demonstration effect of corporate brand value, with strong innovation and high-quality properties The service maximizes the value of the company's brand and makes its brand reputation nationally.


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