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In the days when you bowed your head, I held books

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Brokeback Mountain Classic Lines

The world is elegant, seemingly in vain, but there are always some unexpected charms that make you calm down, keep your eyes open, clear and self-sustaining, and miss the vulgar.

Presumably in the season of floral dance, wash away the dust of the day, open a favorite book, talk to the confidant of the past through the soft time, seek a little truth, pursue a trace of ancient interest, it is also a joyful thing Right.

Reading the wonderful place, thousands of rivers and mountains are in your thin stream year, Shu Lang calm.

Those unsolvable mysteries have gradually become quiet and beautiful, and even the ordinary days feel interesting.

The pomp of reading is not in the incense burner, not in the flowers before the moon, but in a light and stable heart.

This heart is empty and still. Far beyond the weather, far beyond the red dust. No name, no attachment. Heaven and earth can be of any size, time can be of any length, and mood can be left blank.

Read slowly and think carefully. There are no words in the mountains and rivers, and they are far-reaching; the years are silent, and they come with safety;

Before I knew it, I had a landscape in my heart, the tolerance of years, and the taste of life.

The joy of reading not only appreciates the vividness of the non-word book, but also tastes the timelessness of the word book.

If the mind is intelligible, the breeze and the bright moon are close to the water and the mountains, and everything is written.

If it is integrated, the poems, songs and fu classics will be indispensable.

Every book is like a plant.

Reading poems such as the appreciation of Zhilan, decent life, calm life;

Interpretation of the scriptures, such as the lotus lotus, without carving or dusting;

Looking back at history is like being amazed by pines and cypresses.

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When I read about emotions, spring blossoms and fragrance of ten miles.


Make people think of the heavens and the earth,

The tranquility of the elegant mountain forest,

It is gentle and elegant,

Quiet and peaceful,

Makes people calm and pragmatic.

This beauty is both when the pages are opened and when the pages are closed.

Opening the pages of the book, choosing between the flowers, Zhilan's sentiment, Songbai's self-confidence, can be in your heart.

Closing the book pages, walking in leisurely courts, the pattern of the heavens and the earth, the gas field of the mountains and rivers, all can be placed in the eyes.

Books can't be read, and life can't be read.

Circulating at four o'clock, and letting go, those fate are destined to eventually turn into beautiful foreshadowing and write in the years.

There is no choice but to be open-minded, as opposed to the confidante of old.

携一阙温婉的宋词, 唱一支沉静的元曲,和一首古朴的诗经...... Hold a roll of bold Tang poetry, bring a tender song song, sing a quiet Yuan song, and a simple poem ...

After reading these times, thousands of years of past events passed so gently, without sorrow, joy, or worry.

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