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Since September last year, we have also been thinking about what kind of storytelling will be brought to children and what kind of storytelling will children need.

而是和孩子们一起读故事的过程中,和孩子们一起去探究故事本身、故事后面的故事、以及探究孩子们自己的内心和生活,探究自己和他人的想法思考从何而来。 Combining communication with parents, including the children ’s records of recent challenges in reading, as well as their children and previous practices in the library, we think that what is most needed is not a combination of manual or game sessions or just reading and reading stories, but rather In the process of reading the story with the children, explore with the children the story itself, the stories behind the story, and the children's own heart and life, and explore where their own and other people's ideas come from. And in the process, learn to listen carefully, dare to express, and diligently think.

This is what we are trying to do at the core of our inquiry children's story.

Another reason is that we want everyone to think about it carefully and take it seriously when registering.

Tips: Please consider your time schedule carefully!

Dandelion Children's Library Story Session This Week

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April 8 (Saturday)

30-18:10 17 : 30-18: 10

Speaker: Jingshui

Children's inquiry story

Best suitable age: 5 to 8 years

Cost: 10 yuan (member)

30 yuan (non-members)

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Children's stories from previous periods will be reviewed:

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