hg1578.com [Sports and Art Gallery] Egypt found a pyramid 3,700 years ago

[Sports and Art Gallery] Egypt found a pyramid 3,700 years ago

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Egypt finds a pyramid 3,700 years ago

According to the Egyptian "Pyramid" report, archaeologists recently discovered a pyramid about 3,700 years ago in Dahshur, about 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo. According to reports, the internal structure of the newly discovered pyramid is "very complete", and archaeologists are still excavating the entrance passage and tomb. Among the unearthed artifacts, archeologists have found 10 columns of hieroglyphs on a stone block, and experts are interpreting them to find out the identity information of the owner of the pyramid. Pyramids are a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization. Including the Khufu Pyramid, known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, more than 120 Egyptian pyramids have been discovered so far.

Controversial "Tangmu Gou" found two important inscriptions during the overhaul of the Temple of Mimitabha in Shanxi

During the overhaul of the rooftop Mimita Temple, two important inscriptions were found, which provided a valuable basis for its dating. The earliest existing ancient wooden structure in China dates back to the Tang Dynasty. According to research by cultural relic experts, there are currently only four Tang Dynasty wooden structures in China, all of which are in Shanxi Province. Among them, there is controversy over the rooftop Mimita Temple. It is understood that the two inscriptions announced this time are: the ink book inscription between the spine and the wood, "Driving on September 2nd in Changxing for four years ..." and the ink book trace on the flying plane, "The Great Tang Tiancheng Four Founded in the year of construction, Dai Jinren rebuilt it at noon, Dading rebuilt it in the first year, Daming Jingtai rebuilt it, and Kangxi rebuilt it in nine years. " According to the existing titles, it can be introduced: Tiantai 庵 was founded in the fifth generation of Tiancheng four years, Changxing four years to build the main hall, and it was rebuilt in Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. But experts still have doubts about this conclusion.

National movie box office stagnation in the first quarter

Based on the data of several market monitoring agencies such as Cat's Eye, Yien, and the 1905 Film Data Institute, the national box office in the first quarter of this year was approximately 14.460 billion yuan, a slight decrease from the 14.496 billion yuan in the same period last year. If the service fee is removed, the box office in the first quarter of this year will be only 13.527 billion yuan, down 6.6% from the same period last year. Industry analysis pointed out that the decline in film quality, the reduction of Internet ticketing and box office fraud were the main reasons for the overall box office contraction in the quarter. Some experts pointed out that the negative growth of the box office in the first quarter was due to the high base of last year. However, it is still necessary to notice the lack of high-quality film supply. The bottleneck that wants to break through the market ultimately depends on the improvement of film content and quality.

   Shaanxi Holds Ceremony of Xingyuan and Huangdi Ceremony

   On April 4th, the actor performed the Yellow Emperor's Festival music and dance ceremonies at the Xuanyuan Huangdi Ceremony. On that day, the ceremony of the Qing Emperor Xingyuan Huangdi of Ding Dainian was grandly held at the Huangdi Mausoleum Sacrifice Square in Qiaoshan, Huangling County, Shaanxi Province. More than 10,000 Chinese children at home and abroad participated in the ceremony to cherish the memory of the Chinese ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi.

Yinzhou, Anhui: "Wicker Skewers" on Qingming Festival

On April 4th, the owner of a yakiniku stall in Luzhou City, Anhui Province displayed the "wicker skewers" just out of the oven. On that day, it was "Qingming" in the twenty-four solar terms of the lunar calendar. According to the folk customs of Shengzhou, Anhui Province, on the day of Qingming Festival, children eat kebabs skewered with wicker to prevent children from "bitter summer", that is, they get sick or lose their appetite after entering the summer. .

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490 million! "Pink Star" diamonds sky-high prices

The Sotheby's Spring Sale was held on the 5th. The highly anticipated lot "Pink Star"-a 59.60 carat oval-shaped flawless fancy pink diamond was sold for about 553 million Hong Kong dollars, setting a new world record for diamond auctions.

Snooker China Open Final: Selby Wins

Mark Selby at the awards ceremony on April 2. On the same day, in the 2017 World Snooker China Open final, England player Mark Selby defeated Welsh player Mark Williams 10-8 to win the championship.

Miami Tennis Open: Federer Wins Men's Singles

On April 2nd, Swiss player Federer was taking the championship picture. On the same day, in the 2017 Miami Tennis Open Men's Singles Final, Swiss player Federer defeated Spanish player Nadal 2-0 to win the championship.

Company fined by Brazilian court for not letting employees watch football

The Supreme Labor Tribunal of Brazil ruled on the 3rd that it was illegal for the supermarket chain group Wal-Mart to keep employees away from watching the Brazilian team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so it was necessary to pay two working days for each employee.

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