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Guan Tao No.1 Middle School held the 2017 college entrance examination model analysis and preparation sprint re-mobilization conference

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On the morning of April 5th, the first analysis of the 2017 college entrance examination and the mobilization sprint re-mobilization meeting was held in the large conference room of the comprehensive building. County Education Bureau Party Secretary and Director Zhao Shuxin, Office Director Wei Fushan and our school's leadership team attended the conference. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Ji Chengjun.

This conference was held at the end of the city's college entrance examination after the analysis of one subject in each subject, which fully reflects the importance attached by the leaders of the Education Bureau and the whole school to the model exam, marking that our university's 2017 college entrance examination preparation work is on the 100th day. After the oaths conference, it stood at a new starting point, and it was also the mobilization, reawakening, and encouragement of all teachers and classmates in the front line of college entrance examination preparation.


Director Zhao Shuxin delivered an important speech at the meeting, highly affirming the solid measures and results achieved in the preparation for the 2017 college entrance examination of our school, expressing that the first high school should continue to re-emancipate the mind and achieve higher goals, and further establish the school and business education Philosophy, and strive to promote a new level of school running. Director Zhao asked teachers to pay again from three aspects: first, pay again for dedication and dedication, stick to their posts and work hard; second, pay again for the renewal of ideas, and further practice the "three no" education concept; the third is Invest in scientific preparations, pinpoint problems, and strengthen measures. Director Zhao asked the students to set ambitious goals, be good at thinking and summarizing, fight for minutes, fight against the water, and go all out to achieve excellent results. In the end, Director Zhao sincerely wished that our college entrance examination in 2017 will be more brilliant.

After acknowledging this one-time performance, the principal of our school, Wang Mingzhao, asked the teachers to awaken strong self-confidence, inspire themselves with a lion-like heart and encourage students to move forward, awaken surging passion. New gains, adhere to precise preparation, efficient preparation, and make full preparations for the three rounds of comprehensive review and final sprint before the examination. President Wang put forward three requirements to the classmates: first, to awaken the sense of responsibility, to work hard and bravely for himself and for the school; secondly, to wake up the ambitions and continue to let the "famous school dream" lead himself forward, and strive to win the city's college entrance examination for the school Excellence Award; the third is to insist on efficient review and strive to harvest new knowledge, new skills and new experience every day.

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Vice President Yan Ziqiang briefed our school on the results. Two teachers, Wang Hu and Han Jianzhong, analyzed the grades of each class. The heads of the preparation team of mathematics, physics, and geography respectively did the analysis of the subjects' performances. Yang Wenbo, the director of Department B of the senior high school, and Wu Xiaolin, the first science student in the school, made statements.

All the teachers in the senior high school and all the students in the experimental class took a collective oath respectively, demonstrating their determination to win the college entrance examination, and sounding the clarion call for the college entrance examination.

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