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Seasonal health | Qingming health key

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Qingming Festival is coming. "The Seventeenth Collection of the Moon Order" explained: "At this point, all things are clean and clear with cleanliness." Therefore, "Qingming" has the melting of ice and snow, the vegetation is green, the weather is clear and clear, and all things are flourishing. There are three keys to health:

Qingming health avoid hair

The humid climate in spring can easily make people feel tired and lethargic, while the changing weather that is warm and cold at first makes people cold and cold, and bronchitis, pneumonia, and tonsillitis occur. In spring, they are respiratory infectious diseases such as pertussis, measles, chicken pox , Diphtheria, scarlet fever, meningococcal and other diseases in the season. After Qingming, many chronic diseases such as arthritis, psychosis, and asthma are prone to relapse. People with chronic diseases should avoid foods that are easy to develop during this period, such as bamboo shoots and chickens.

Spring is the season when winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots are successively listed. The bamboo shoots are delicious and people like to eat more. But it's cold, and it consumes air easily. In the Qing Dynasty Wu Yiluo's "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "Xue people eat bamboo shoots, and they cause diseases." People have dysentery, and their qi is weak. Fresh bamboo shoots are more exhausting, because of deficiency and benefit, and are prone to disease. Seeing bamboo shoots causes a cough, which leads to hemoptysis and recurrence of asthma. Chicken can move the wind to help the liver. In the spring, when the liver yang rises, chickens are prone to wind and help with liver fire, which can cause liver and wood to be overactive, and eating often leads to recurrence of chronic, chronic hepatitis and hypertension. You can eat more foods that soften the liver and lungs, such as amaranth, Yigan and Zhong; spinach, Lee five internal organs, blood circulation; yam, spleen and lungs; mussels, Yiyin, can nourish water and wood.

Qingming Yifu Tonic

Qingming is the time when cold air and warm air meet alternately, and it is getting warmer, so the weather will be sunny for a while, and rainy for a while. The human body is often wet and sleepy, and the limbs are paralyzed. In the soup conditioning, in addition to the water and dampness, proper supplements are needed. Therefore, nourishing blood and relieving muscles are the most important. Therefore, in the Qingming season, you should also take some timely tonics, such as Tremella, Gan Ping, non-toxic, can nourish the lungs and promote fluid, Yiyinrougan. When spring rises, often take Tremella, you can receive the effect of softening the liver and lungs. According to modern scientific research, Tremella polysaccharides have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can promote liver protein synthesis. There is also a chrysanthemum tea that people are familiar with. Chrysanthemum can relieve wind and heat, and has the effects of calming the liver, preventing colds, and lowering blood pressure. Modern pharmacological studies suggest that it has the function of expanding coronary arteries, enhancing myocardial contractility, and changing myocardial ischemia. However, long-serving chrysanthemums are too drunk, and they will no longer support the liver. Chrysanthemum can be brewed with mulberry tea on behalf of the tea. Mulberry has the effects of nourishing blood and liver, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the lungs, and can receive the effect of nourishing the liver and lungs.

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Qingming should eat seed food

What is seed food? Oats, rice, lentils, various nuts, peanuts, soybeans, coffee beans ... are seed foods. They are the most suitable plant foods for spring.

Oatmeal is a high-protein, high-fat cereal, with the highest nutritional value among rice, millet, white flour, sorghum flour, and corn flour. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oats are warm and sweet, can benefit the liver and spleen, smooth the intestines, stimulate births, supplement deficiency, and stop sweat. The saponine contained in oats can reduce cholesterol and triacylglycerol (triglyceride). Therefore, regular consumption of oatmeal porridge or flour for pasta can be used for physical weakness, loss of appetite, constipation, and is particularly beneficial to patients with tuberculosis. It can also prevent arteriosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Liver, diabetes, constipation, and edema are good adjuvant treatments, which can enhance physical strength and prolong life.

Sunflower seeds are rich in oils and fats, and are important raw materials for oil extraction. Sunflower oil is a high-grade healthy oil highly recommended by nutritionists. Sunflower kernels have an average fat content of 40% and a maximum of 60%. 90% of these fats are unsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic acid, the essential fatty acid in the human body, accounts for 55% to 70% of all unsaturated fatty acids. The protein and sugar are more balanced, and the quantity and quality of the protein are comparable to that of ordinary meat. In addition, it contains rich carotene, potassium, and vitamins such as vitamin E and B3.

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