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From Chengdu to Seda

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


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First stop: Jinli

Come to Chengdu, the first stop, do not go to Jinli, the closest place to romance in the city-the sensual "Jinli", is the spiritual station of urban leisure people, is a charming neighborhood to experience fashion and leisure. Jinli Ancient Street is characterized by the architectural style of the ancient town of West Sichuan, and integrates tourism, shopping and leisure.

Second stop: wide and narrow alleys

It ’s quite big and it ’s so delicious. You can walk in it for a long time. There is not much difference between what you eat and Jinli.


In the allusions of Changshun Street and Jinhe Hotel, the narrow and narrow alleys were left by the Qing Dynasty (Bingding) alley.

In Kuanzhai Alley you can send postcards to your friends, the most special panda post office

Third stop: Tianfu Square

After walking through the wide and narrow alleys, friends can go to Tianfu Square to see the night view on foot. It ’s great if you can climb up and watch big movies.

Fourth stop: Panda Base

You must go to see the panda in the morning. If you go in the afternoon, the panda will fall asleep. Chengdu Metro Line 3 can reach Panda Avenue, just a few minutes after taking a taxi!

Fourth stop: Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li


Chengdu Daci Temple Ocean Taikoo Li is located near Chunxi Road. It is not recommended to go if you don't like too modern places. But the Fangsuo Bookstore there felt very much.

Fifth stop: Sichuan University

Sichuan University, referred to as "Chuan University" for short, has a history of 120 years and is known as the first institution of higher learning in the west. When you come to Chengdu, you must experience this century-old school.

Chengdu is a city that you do n’t want to leave when you come.

If you have plenty of time,

Slow down and take a closer look at life here!

Seda | Wuming Buddhist College

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Meet her at first glance,

Must make you reluctant to forget-across the mountains,

The craggy red that spreads over the valley,

Shining in the sunset,

These thousands of red monks,

Were built by the monks and nuns,

When you stand on the top of the mountain,

Will definitely shake the soul.

She is located in the most remote corner of northwest Sichuan,

There are wide grasslands, meandering meanders, dense lakes and marshes, towering snow mountains ...

But how many people know why they came?

Maybe for the lights of that plateau,

Starlight on earth

Xu was to see the burial of the Tibetan people back to nature;

Xu came to study at the world's largest Buddhist college.

Purify the soul; Xu is turning around the highest mandala to pray prayerfully,

Let tiredness and irritability return to tranquility and calmness


Anyway, you see, or not, she's there,

She is the capital of the country of Buddha-Seda.

In Seda, there is a ravine called Laronggou, and within a few miles of it, it is the world-famous Larong Temple Wuming Buddhist College, also known as Seda Buddhist College. Seda Buddha Academy is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist studies in the world .

The monk house here is spectacular,

The valley, which is several kilometers long, is full of dense wooden shacks.

There are several temples and temples on the valley floor and mountain beams.

Although the scale of the building is not large, the decoration is exquisite and brilliant;

Lamas and nuns in red monk robes came and went,

The air was full of vitality and peace.

On the highest mountain of Buddhist College,

There is a splendid building called the Mandala.

The upper part of it is the place of menstruation, and it is said that if you have any disease,

It would be good to make a hundred laps here;

The lower layer is the warp cone,

The golden cylinder left a long crunching sound after people's dry hands turned.

Eros Chocolate

Some say that Seda may be more suitable for purifying the soul than Tibet

Specifically, Seda does not refer to the county seat of Seda County, Ganzi Prefecture.

It is "Sedara Rong Wuming Buddhist Academy".

20 kilometers southeast of Seda County, there is a place called Laronggou.
In 1980, in order to carry forward the Tibetan Buddhist culture,
Promote ethnic cultural exchanges, opened a college in this ravine,
From the initial 32 people to tens of thousands of monks.
The red houses here are all built by the monks and nuns here.
Today, the red huts full of valleys are spectacular from the top of the mountain.

Almost everyone who comes to Seda will go to the sky funeral

In the eyes of ordinary people, this ancient ceremony is quite mysterious, and some people may feel a little scary and cruel. But I don't feel that this custom carries these uncomfortable adjectives, and I have first respect for it.

As we all know, the burial custom originated from a beautiful wish—the family hopes that the deceased relatives can enter a haven-free and pain-free heaven. At the same time, the teachings of Buddhism have all been preaching gifts. It is the most ideal way for "birds" who do not eat birds and corpses to take them to heaven.

In addition, throughout the ritual, there was a silent recitation of the scriptures by the guru, transcending the undead, and purifying the sins of his life. Before this process was completed, someone would drive down the vultures that swooped down until the process was over. Ambassador Chengdu Car Rental Company reminds: Tourists with poor quality in their hearts, it is best not to watch up close.

Guides from Chengdu to Seda

From Chengdu to Seda

Sincerity is not an easy task, there is no good attitude and good body, just this ride makes people feel a lot of suffering.

Three ways to reach Seda


Directly from Chengdu to Seda, leave from Chadianzi Bus Station in Chengdu at 6:20 in the morning. The ride time is about 14 hours. If you can't stand this long ride, I suggest you choose the second method.


From Chengdu to Ma Jikang, you can take 5-6 hours by car. There are many daily buses. It depends on your choice. It is recommended to take a car at 8 or 9 o'clock so that you can buy Ma Jikang on the next day. The tickets are available every day, and the bus is distributed at 7.20. After buying the tickets, you have free time to stroll around the small county town of Majikang. You have to say that you are walking here. Both sides of the city are lined by high mountains and a river in the middle. Like an old man who ca n’t wait to walk, the top-down flow that wants to go fast but can't go any faster.


First of all, choose to take the Chengdu to Kangding bus. The scenery passing by this way is Feixianguan, Erlang Mountain, Luding, Kangding, Feixianguan and Erlang Mountain. In addition to the famous Feuding Bridge, Luding Cherries, because Luding is the hometown of cherries, so you can imagine it; there are too many things to enjoy and play around Kangding. I just mention that when you have time, you must go to Gongga Mountain. Ikamiyama!

Then take a bus from Kangding to Seda. It is particularly recommended that you go for a walk around the mountain. If you are not physically fit, you can take a short walk. The mountain is the first altitude on the 318 line from Chengdu to Lhasa. A mountain of more than 4000 meters (Gongga Mountain is not on route 318); then you must stop at Xindu Bridge. Xindu Bridge is really beautiful. It is known as a photographer's paradise; after Xindu Bridge, go Floating, here there are vast grasslands for you to admire, and after Dao Fu Huo Huo can go straight to Seda!

Best travel time

Seda has plenty of sunshine,

The annual average temperature is minus 1 ℃, and there is no summer in long winter.

May-October is the normal season for traveling to Seda. It will be beautiful with snow in winter.

There will be snow scenes after November, but we must consider the convenience of transportation. The roads are covered with snow and ice, and it is not easy to walk, and the winter season on the plateau is very very cold!


1. Seda is a plateau. To reach Seda, the highest altitude is 4200 meters. It is prone to high reflex. If you are unwell, it is recommended to take Rhodiola a week in advance. The temperature difference between morning and night in the plateau area is large.

2. The tourism conditions in Tibet are poor, and the facilities and equipment are not perfect. Please do not use urban standard rooms to measure local accommodation conditions.

3. Pay attention to words and deeds in the Tibetan area. Jin Yan cannot cross or step on! Stove cannot be stepped on! Loud noise is prohibited in the temple!

4. Please respect local customs and habits, care for the environment, and do not trample on flowers and plants.

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