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What to do about insomnia during the valley setting?

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Insomnia is also a common phenomenon during plowing.

有一部分人辟谷期间会出现不同程度的睡眠障碍。 According to our rough observation in practice, some people will have different degrees of sleep disturbance during the valley-breaking period.

%的人相反,辟谷期间睡眠特多,白天发困,晚上早早上床一觉到天亮。 About 10 % of people, on the other hand, sleep a lot during the valley period, get sleepy during the day, and go to bed early in the evening until dawn.

30%的人和平时一样, 一切照旧。 There are about 30% of people as usual, business as usual.

不必担心。 Do n't worry if you experience insomnia during the valley setting . 也可以练百迅辟谷养生操。 You can practice Bai Xun's jade cicada, and you can also practice Bai Xun's health training. 往往在练习过程中就自然而然入睡了。 If you have some experience in practicing these exercises, you often fall asleep naturally during the practice.

不睡觉也能活的好好的。 We can live well without eating, and we can live well without sleeping. 比睡 8个小时更管用。 With this concept, it is more effective than sleeping for 8 hours.

我如果睡不着明天会没精神, 赶快睡赶快睡吧。 The biggest anxiety of insomniacs is that if I can't sleep , I will lose energy tomorrow . 让失眠者更焦虑, 更难以入睡。 This kind of thinking will increase their own burden, make the insomnia more anxious and more difficult to fall asleep.

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可以起来打坐, 可以练功等等。 If you can't sleep, you can keep your eyes closed, you can get up and meditate, you can practice, etc. 不一定是睡觉。 There are many ways to rest, not necessarily to sleep.

有的学员平时就失眠严重, 辟谷后更是如此, 整夜整夜不睡觉。 We have encountered such extreme examples in the Pigu class. Some students usually have severe insomnia, especially after Pigu. They do not sleep all night and all night. 白天照常上班, 辟谷结束后发现睡眠一下正常了。 But as usual, he went to work during the day, and found that his sleep was normal after the break.

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