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Most complete meridian

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Those with meridians, therefore, must live and die, suffer from all kinds of illnesses, and regulate the truth, and those who can't understand it!

1. Renmai is located in the front of the chest, the heart, spleen and stomach cannot pass; the upper part connects the lower uterus of the breast, in case the patient becomes unusable.

2. Du Mai stands in the spine and supervises Qi and blood to run; Du Zang and Du Zhi Du Palace, the corresponding area is painful in bending.

3. The bile duct line overlaps, the secretion disorder becomes nerves; sleepiness, sweat fatigue, brain pain after swelling of the armpits; lymphatic inflammation, local obesity, dazzling, search and pay attention to the public to learn moxibustion

4. The liver meridian corresponds to the bile meridian, and the circulatory secretion is under control; the skin color is blue and the waist is painful; the eye circles are dark and dysmenorrhea;

5, behind the liver meridian is the kidney meridian, not far away two fingers empty; in the control of the secretory system, the urine volume is scarce and frequent urination; bags under the eyes are wrinkled and cold under the feet, the lower limbs are swollen and terrified; the back is painful, and the face is spotted Startled; memory declines without sleep, symptoms fail to pass slowly.

6, the kidney meridian corresponds to the bladder meridian, urinary bones are in control; yellow urine in the bladder pain, urinary tract inflammation, hygienic; weak limbs, back pain, hemorrhoids difficult to sit shoulder and neck pain.

7. The stomach meridian is located before the bile meridian, and the distance between the three fingers is to the middle of the menstrual cavity; oral cavity chaos, tooth swelling and pain, dry mouth, bad breath, and abdominal distension; body heat, snoring, cold eating, dry stools, and unreasonable.

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8. The stomach meridian corresponds to the spleen meridian, which is under the control of the immune nerves; bloating, snoring, exhaust air, vomiting, subcostal pain, varicose veins, low blood pressure, rheumatism, and joint pain.

9, the index finger axillary large intestine meridian, the outer arm belongs to the yang meridian; in the control of the digestive nerve, it does not hurt abdominal pain; constipation dry mouth and neck pain, body heat hemorrhoids and headache. Search and pay attention to the public number to learn moxibustion.

10. The chest to thumb is the lung meridian, and the inside of the arm is the yin meridian; in the control of respiratory immunity, the lack of water and sensitive nasal passages; body heat, sweating, back acne, dry phlegm, and sore throat;

11. The heart to the little finger is the heart meridian, the inside of the arm is the yin meridian; the circulatory system is under control, the chest is dull and headache; upset and insomnia are also dreaming, the shoulder and the chest are painful; the eyes are red and dry, the blood is happy and quiet; Excessive stress.

12. The small intestine meridian of the little finger, the outer side of the arm belongs to the Yang meridian; in the control of the digestive nerves, the ears of the sun will be painful; after the abdominal distension, brain pain, back scapular to back pain.

13. Cardiac Meridian from the chest to the middle finger, the inner side of the arm belongs to the Yin Meridian; the secretory circulation is under control, and the circulatory difference is vascular disease; the heartbeat quickly returns to constipation, and the anxiety and red upper limb pain.

14. The nameless to shoulder trifocal meridian, the outer side of the arm belongs to the yang meridian; in the control of the secretory circulation, the immune decline is depression; the fatigue is prone to chronic diseases.

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