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Public number: Wuhu Cultural Commission Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:52:04

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In 2017, Wuhu City vigorously implemented two cultural livelihood projects, including free opening of public cultural venues and special subsidies for rural cultural construction. The Municipal Culture Commission adheres to the working ideas of early planning, early arrangement, and early deployment, and actively adapts to the new normal and innovative work measures. The two cultural and people's livelihood projects have been effectively promoted with significant results.

The convenience of free opening of public cultural venues has been further enhanced. The city's 10 public libraries, 8 cultural centers, 5 museums, 44 township comprehensive cultural stations (cultural service centers), 26 street comprehensive cultural stations (cultural service centers) have all been opened free of charge as required, and all venues are free of charge. The system is complete, the service content is clear, the guarantee mechanism is perfect, the facility utilization rate is high, and free and open funding is allocated.

The pertinence of public cultural service content has been further enhanced. On the basis of free and open, various public cultural venues carry out a variety of cultural benefits to the people, especially during the holidays. The City Cultural Center held activities such as the "32nd Spring Festival Couplet Contest", "Send Spring Festival Couplets to the Community, Send Spring Festival Couplets to the Countryside", "The Most Beautiful Family Portrait Charity Shooting" and other activities. The Municipal Library carried out public welfare photo exhibitions such as "Send Books to the Countryside", "New Year's Lantern Riddles with Prizes", and "Spring Festival on the Tip of the Tongue". Wuwei County Misong Memorial Hall held the "New Year Celebration of the Spring Festival 2017 Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works". Fanchang County Library has launched a series of activities such as painting and calligraphy art exhibitions, "National Reading Month" and "Sunshine Weekend". The Jiujiang District Cultural Center held the "Meeting with Zheng Ziyi, Thank you for having you" welcoming Chinese New Year cultural performance. Each cultural station also carried out a series of colorful mass cultural activities. For example, the Pingpu Cultural Station in Fanchang County carried out activities such as square dance display and dragon lantern performance. Sanshan Cultural Station held a monthly training. Through a variety of public cultural activities, the number of receptions at various public cultural venues increased month by month, which effectively promoted the sharing of urban and rural cultural resources, experience sharing, results sharing, and joy sharing.

The standardization of special subsidies for rural cultural construction was further presented. Various counties and districts purchase professional performances of professional academies and private academies through government procurement, ordering meals by the masses, paying for the government, sending the tricks to the doorsteps of common people, and sharing cultural meals. By the end of March, the city has sent a total of performances. 252 sessions, welcomed by the masses. 1609 rural public welfare films were screened. The farmhouse is open no less than 5 days a week and conducts "reading activities". 704 administrative village cultural information sharing engineering village grassroots service points are fully open.


Recently, the director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mass Art Museum Qin Guangzhou and the secretary Dong Lianshui and other delegations came to the Wuhu Cultural Museum to visit and guide. They visited the Family Portrait Photo Gallery, the Good People Gallery, as well as various event halls, rooms and teaching facilities. Director Wang Ling also briefed the guests on the development of cultural work, public cultural services, construction of cultural centers and activities in the city. The fellows of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mass Art Museum highly appreciated the achievements of the Municipal Cultural Center in the construction of communities and volunteer services. The last two museums exchanged views on the construction of a digital cultural center.

Recently, the Anhui Organizing Committee of the Eighth City of Anhui Province Group Competition held a seminar on "The Tenth Anhui Province Eighth City Trivia Competition" in Tieshan Hotel, Wuhu, from Luzhou, Anqing, Xuancheng, Chizhou, Tongling, Huangshan The leaders of the cultural committees and the directors of the cultural museums in Ma'anshan, Wuhu and eight places discussed the program and form of the competition. The two-hour meeting finally determined the specific time, specific requirements, performances, competition rules, etc., and required Each city and city chooses two participating programs and the performance time of each program does not exceed 15 minutes. The registration form of the participating programs should be submitted to the competition performance group before the end of May.

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