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[Mottled Blackboard] Taste the fragrance of books, go with the classics | Reading experience essay contest

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Taste book






Reading experience

Essay Competition

Taste books,

Travel with classics.

Recommended books

Forrest Gump

"Forrest Gump" is a novel by American writer Winston Grum. The book satirizes American social issues in a ridiculous style through the perspective of fool A-Gump.

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[Forrest Gump ]

Director: Robert Zemigis

Writer: Rick RoseStarring: Tom Hanks / Robin Wright PanGenre: Drama / Romance

Region: USADuration: 142 minutes

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The kindness and tenderness shown in the movie "The Legend of Forrest Gump", adapted from the novel of the same name, touched the most beautiful things in the audience, showing the beautiful emotions of honesty, trustworthiness, seriousness, courage and love. Forrest Gump is portrayed as an embodiment of virtue in the film. He is honest, trustworthy, serious, brave, and valued feelings. He only knows how to pay for nothing, and never minds rejection. He is just open-minded and honest about life. He focused his only wisdom, conviction, and courage on one point. He didn't care about anything, only knowing that he kept running on the road by intuition.

Classic lines from the movie:

Life is like a box of chocolates

you never know what you are gonna get.

"Books are the ladder of human progress!"

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Read a good book, watch a movie

In order to create a good campus cultural atmosphere, cultivate the sentiment of the majority of college students, guide readers into the library, cultivate the enthusiasm of college students to read and read well, and actively build a scholarly campus. The ideological and political teaching and research room of the school ’s basic department and the “Sixiang” reading agency Co-hosted the "Taste of the Book, Go with the Classics" Reading Essay Competition. Specific activities are as follows:

I. Essay Theme

"Taste the fragrance, go with the classics" ------- my reading experience

Application time

March 27, 2017 (sixth week)-June 11, 2017 (sixteenth week)


Whole school student

Organization Unit

Host: Department of Ideology, Politics, and Research

Co-organizer: "Sixiang" Reading Club

V. Subject matter scope

Participating students should focus on the theme of "taste the scent of books, go with the classics" --- my reading experience, and develop their own topics under this theme framework. Entries are readers' experiences and feelings about reading a certain book or an article, expressing their true feelings based on their own learning life and growth experience, and explaining the meaning and impact of reading on their own growth.

6. Call for Papers

1. Original article, true feelings, responsible for writing.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.


Sansheng Sansheng Busheng Lotus

2. Each work must be a single author.

Joint submissions are not accepted.

3. Require that the essay is closely related to the subject ,

The theme is outstanding and true feelings.

4. Stylistic optional (except poetry) ,

The number of words is not less than 800 words.

Recommended Bibliography

Participation methods

1. All students of this school can participate in the submission, and the number of submissions from the same individual can not exceed two.

2. Submission address and method: online submission method,

Entries will be sent to: sixiangsibo@163.com.

Please specify the subject of the e-mail: "travel with classics + real name + faculty + class + student number + contact information"

(The manuscript must be in word format and sent as an attachment)


In late May 2017, the backbone committee of the ideological and political teaching and research department formed a selection committee.

Selection of entries based on ideology, literature, innovation, integrity and readability,

Several first prizes, second prizes, third prizes and outstanding prizes were selected.

Excellent works will be published on the public account "Thinking Thoughts",

It is recommended to exhibit the works in the college newspapers and bulletin boards, and issue certificates to the award-winning individuals.

X. Activity progress

1. March 27

Issue "Taste the Book, Go with the Classics"

Reading experience essay competition notice.

2. April 3-7

"Sixiang" reading agency launched reading essay writing guidance.

3. April 8-May 14

撰写 Conduct reading activities, write

After reading the theme of "Taste the fragrance of books, go with the classics".

4. May 15-May 19

Submit the post-reading postscript (online submission).

5. May 20th-June 4th, Call for Papers Selection.

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