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Qingming Festival borrowed "wine" to think of old people

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天,是中国传统节日之一,也是最重要的祭祀节日之一,是祭祖和扫墓的日子。 Qingming Festival is also known as Taqing Festival. It is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and one of the most important sacrifice festivals. It is the day of ancestor worship and grave sweeping.

After we sacrifice the ancestral graves of the Weihai people, we will eat the steamed buns and dishes together, which is called "room food" or "祊 社". The following editors will let you know about the customs of Qingming Festival:


    This is the custom of Qingming Festival in ancient China. Swing, which means pulling the rope and moving. Its history is very old, the earliest name is Qianqiu, and later, in order to avoid taboos, it was changed to swing. In ancient times, swings were mostly made of tree branches, and then tied with ribbons. Later it gradually developed into a swing with two ropes and pedals. Swinging can not only improve health, but also cultivate bravery. It is still loved by people, especially children.


    Ju is a kind of ball, the ball skin is made of leather, and the ball is tightly plugged with wool. Cuju is playing football with his feet. This is a game people loved during the ancient Qingming Festival. According to legend, it was invented by Huangdi. The original purpose was to train samurai. Playing polo is also one of the Dragon Boat Festival. Polo is riding on a horse and playing with a stick.


    Taqing is also called spring tour. In ancient times it was called Tanchun and Xunchun. Qingming in April and spring back to the earth, a vibrant scene of nature is present everywhere, which is a great time for an outing. As Qingming goes to the grave to go to the suburbs, while mourning the ancestors, by the way in the bright spring light to set foot in the green field, it can also be regarded as a way of changing the mood and changing the mood. Therefore, Qingming Festival is also known as Taqing Festival.

    fly a kite

    Where is the red tongue

    也是清明时节人们所喜爱的活动。 Kite flying is also a favorite activity in Qingming season. In Qingming season, people put it not only during the day but also at night. At night, a series of colorful lanterns are hung under the kite or the wind stable cable, like flashing stars, known as "magic lamps". In the past, some people cut kites after placing them in the blue sky, and allowed them to be sent to the ends of the earth by the breeze. It is said that this can eliminate illness and disaster and bring good luck to themselves.

    Eat cold food

    Because of the relationship between the Cold Food Festival and the Qingming Festival, the habit of eating cold food in the Qingming Festival is still maintained in some places. In Shandong, Jimo eats eggs and cold rice, Laiyang, Zhaoyuan, and Long Island eat eggs and cold sorghum rice. It is said that otherwise, they will suffer hail. Tai'an eats cold pancake rolls and raw bitters, and is said to have bright eyes. During the Qingming Festival in Shanghai, there is a custom of eating youth leagues. Blend Brome grass juice and glutinous rice together to make the green juice and rice noodles fuse together, then cover with fillings such as red bean paste, date puree, etc., and place the bottom of reed leaves in the steamer. The steamed green dumplings have a bright green color and a fragrant aroma, which is the most distinctive seasonal food of the local Qingming Festival.

    Grave sweep

    思时之敬”,其习俗由来已久。 Tomb sweeping in the Ming dynasty is known as the " respect for the time" of ancestors , and its customs have a long history. When grave sweeping, the grave is first renovated. The main method is to remove weeds and cultivate new soil. On the one hand, this behavior can express the respect and care of the sacrifices to the dead. On the other hand, in the belief of the ancients, the graves of ancestors and the prosperity and decline of future generations have a great relationship, so it is not to be ignored. The contents of the memorial service.

One advantage of wine is that it communicates with the soul through time and space. Our joy, sorrow, our nostalgia and nostalgia can all be relieved with a glass of wine. Therefore, during the Qingming Festival, drizzle, wine I do not know how many people intoxicated.

Ching Ming Festival is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It not only promotes filial piety, but also gives everyone a chance to reunite.


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