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There is hardship behind everyone ...

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A person's life is neither as good or as bad as imagined.

Behind everyone will be sad and unspeakable difficulties. Everyone will have their own tears to wipe, and they will have their own way to go.


Don't ask others by your own standards, and don't look at people with colored glasses.

Because everyone has their own preferences and personality and value. What you don't understand is not necessarily bad.

There are tens of thousands of understandings of happiness, and each person's interpretation is different. The greatest happiness in life is to be yourself.

Believe in yourself, follow your own heart and intuition, do not blindly follow the creed, and do not blindly compare, you are the happiest. There is no barefoot in gold and no one is perfect, because we are the most true because of imperfection.


Happiness is accumulated little by little and is operated day by day.

Don't hurt people who like you, and don't hurt people you like.

No matter how good a person is, but he does not want to accompany you to the old age, he is a passenger.

There are many shortcomings of a person, but being able to tolerate you everywhere and willing to accompany you to the end is happiness.

Everyone wants to find a perfect lover, but there are always shortcomings. Love is to forgive each other, to be sincere with each other, to spend a lifetime together. Someone who makes you happy forever is the goal of life.


When you meet more people, you know the value of friendship. You know the value of understanding when you have more trouble.

If you fail more, you will know how valuable your mentality is. If you succeed, you know the value of courage.

When there are more contradictions, you know the value of your mind. If you don't like it, you will know the value of cultivation.

After complimenting more, I know the sincerity is precious. More fame and fortune know the value of calm.

After more entertainment, I know the value of purity. After more greetings, I know the value of persistence!

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When you are young, you do n’t know; when you are middle-aged, you are reluctant; when you have everything, you feel boring; when you lose forever, you know how precious it is.

Life is short, you ca n’t stop it, you ca n’t keep it.

Between gains and losses, as long as you have worked, planted, irrigated, and harvested is not the only criterion for success or failure. The important thing is to hide in the details and make you hurt, hate, love, and make you unforgettable. Second heartbreaking and unforgettable experience.


Life is like a door. Some people are pessimistic about the darkness inside the door, some are optimistic about the tranquility inside the door; some are worried about the wind and rain outside the door, and some are happy about the freedom outside the door.

In fact, many things in life do not matter the best, as long as you think it is worth it. Success and failure, happiness and misfortune, are not defined in the same mind.

The key is how to grasp what you want, don't let it miss you, don't let yourself have too much regret. People live a mentality, mood, and maintain a good mentality, life is a happy heaven.


Friends with deeper feelings and deeper feelings of affection will eventually fade away. This is the way things are in the world. You do n’t take care of them, and they gradually fade away. Many familiar things that you do n’t remember and gradually forget.

This is not to say that each other ’s hearts have changed, nor is it no longer that the other party is a friend, but far away in the world, joy and anger cannot be shared.

The wind of years not only blows down the feelings in you and me, but also cools down the righteousness in you and me. The hand of time can not only blur me in your eyes, but also weaken you in my heart. If you are not familiar with the road, Walking is strange, and this is life.


Making a friend can take years or decades; offending a friend can take only a few minutes or one thing.

The glory of the world, the complexity of the human heart and sensitivity to small things have hindered the development of friendship.

Perhaps it is only because they are friends, they have less concern and mutual respect, and this is the case. Sometimes friends go too close, the relationship will become complicated, too far away, and they will lose contact.

Do not deliberately seek friendship, cherish and care for a friendship. Even if it does n’t last forever, at least once ...


What makes women want to remember is feelings, and what makes men want to remember is feelings. Feelings slowly settle over time, and feelings gradually fade away over time.

Maybe you can get love, you can get marriage, you can get a superior life; but if you can't get a sense of security, what's the use of everything?

It is better to live in the fear of abundance than in the poverty of stability. Happiness is not a hard life to love, but a life of peace of mind.

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