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After getting drunk, know how

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Bai Yanni

Caishou diligently held the jade bell,

Back then I was drunk.

Recalling that year, the singing girl in colorful sleeves holding a large glass of wine, diligently persuaded me to drink, even if it was overwhelming, how could I quit? Can only die for the gentleman.

四个字。 The most touching part of this sentence is only in the words of " thought back then."

For a singing girl, for the sake of the little children, it is better to say that it is an attitude that proves their youth.

Many people say that "Hong Kong Gang" is a failed work by Xu Yan, but what I see inside is Xu Zhen's true shadow, not the two previous funny Xu Yuan for gagging. "The core of comedy is tragedy", "Hong Kong "The tragedy" is a sorrow that a middle-aged man had to prove his youth really existed.

When I was young, I did n’t know Yan Jidao. I thought it was just a male brother like Jia Baoyu. “The teenager does n’t know the taste of grief, so that he can express his sorrow in order to give new words.” Not much depth.

Now that I think about it, it's all superficial and I don't understand Yan Jidao.

I have a Chinese teacher who is over sixty years old this year. When he gets drunk, he likes to recite this line. His wife always laughs without saying a word. At most, it ’s fine. Fast back over a thousand times.

Book City Novel

The emotions of the Chinese, especially the older generation, are basically the same.

Usually very depressed, don't say it, but when it's drunk, it's just showing its nature.

Chinese love poetry is not as extreme and strong as Westerners, either love to live or die or break up and commit suicide, we have small hearts and can't stand it.

We like Yan Jidao, always leaving the best scenes in memories and savoring them carefully.

"Remember Xiao Ping first met, double-hearted word Luo Yi."

The details in the memory are so clear, but the feelings are always subtle. This word is considered fierce. "I have a picture of Yin Yang tonight , and I am afraid that it will be a dream to meet each other." Can't stop, it just comes out naturally.

And most of the cases are silent lovesickness. Such sentences are the majority, perhaps more memorable than reunion.

These little biteless licks of wounds are actually the tragedies of love that this group of people who lost their youth have established in order to prove that their youth really existed.

There is no achievement. If there is not even a dead love, then this person really has never had youth.

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