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Just want to ask you, what is the relationship between us?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Okinawa Bride of Rebirth

If you see me

Smart, independent and strong

Always invincible

No need for comfort, no need for company

Always quiet and sensible, rarely speak

So-we are passers-by who meet each other

If you see me

Not so smart, a little naive

A little silly and a little cute

And millions of other people in this world

There is so little difference

So-we are friends

If you see me

Although very useless, it is always kind

Although fragile, it is also very caring

Although there are such disadvantages

But you still think i'm a special person

So-you are my most wanted friend

If I appear in front of you

Not so sensible and understanding

Always love to get angry with you

Always be more picky about you than others

There are always topics you can't talk about for three days and nights

So-you are very important to me

Mysterious sight 8 guide

No one is perfect

We are not renminbi

Can't please everyone

In front of strangers, we always try to hide

Make yourself generous and sensible

As if pretending to be all wronged in the world

Only in front of the dearest

We do n’t mind showing our truest self

Maybe this is not perfect

But in that waywardness, there is the greatest dependence

It ’s not perfect, but it ’s the real one.

Expose flaws without taboos

Also because in front of you i never need to pretend

Never armed

If one day

I have to be careful in front of you and be considerate

No longer happy and smiling, crying frankly

Maybe you think I became sensible


It's just because

Our best feeling is no longer!

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