Hg0088e.com Senior, what can I do now if I can't calm down to review?

Senior, what can I do now if I can't calm down to review?

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The 2018 postgraduate entrance examination has already begun. April has passed a quarter. There are 267 days before the 2018 postgraduate entrance examination. At first glance, there is still more time, but it must be broken down into specific review tasks. Time does not allow you to be lazy. . The senior told you that you need to change from the following aspects

Keep the same rest time for 21 days to form a stable biological clock

To enter the review state, you must first change your original habits, develop a new schedule, and strictly keep the new schedule for 21 days. During this period, your body will actively adjust to adapt to and form new habits. In these 21 days, it will be very difficult at first. You can find a few graduate students to change together, wake each other up, remind each other the time to eat and sleep. In the later period, it will be much easier, and you will experience the joy of fighting together. .

Make a plan, step by step, force your heart

This method can be used throughout the entire postgraduate entrance examination, because no matter where you see the experience of the postgraduate entrance examination, the same thing is "planning". The review plan at the beginning of the postgraduate entrance examination can be a little loose, and make corresponding adjustments as the review status gradually enters a good situation. If you use the second method to calculate the amount of study and find that the review is really too bad to be arranged and unable to learn, you can join some postgraduate tutoring classes to remind you of the review direction and review progress at any time, customize the review plan for you, help you have Start your review rhythmically, or schedule a tutoring to match your learning pace. In this way, the review of the postgraduate review review is clear, and the review is no longer overwhelmed.

Postgraduate review task volume, divide with postgraduate countdown

At present, the countdown to the postgraduate entrance examination is still considerable. For more than 270 days, it seems that there is sufficient time. However, if you convert it, it is not enough. Xiao Bian help everyone to calculate a bill: from now until before the exam, there are less than 9 months. Conservative calculation: one word book, English real questions, political real questions, postgraduate political review books, one English reading, one English composition, one political practice question, 3-4 other public course materials, 5 professional textbooks, comprehensive There are about 16 books, and the average is 270 days. It takes 16 days to read and read one. And this is just a conservative number, seeing here, can you still sit still? Has it become precious every minute?

Tell yourself "I'm the best"

It is painful to give up your hobbies of sleeping, watching movies, and eating, but you will find that after learning, life becomes purposeful, your mind becomes full, your mind is more mature, and your mindset is more peaceful and stable. I'm very confident. Although I don't know the result, I should have prepared almost everything. I can face all kinds of situations. Textbooks, tutorials, real questions, and simulation questions are all passed. Although the key points and difficult points have not been mastered comprehensively, the possibility of the test is relatively large and I have already seen it ten million times. After you gain the knowledge or the results of the first test, you will have a stunning feeling.

What are the goals for this period from April to June?

March to June belong to the basic stage, which means that your review task during this period is to lay the foundation, strictly speaking to lay the foundation. Postgraduate entrance examination is actually very focused on examining the basic knowledge of candidates. Take mathematics as an example. Are concepts and formulas considered basic? Of course! The postgraduate entrance examination focuses on understanding and applying the concepts and theorems.

Tasks of each subject:

Math tasks:

(Recommended to start from the textbook, the basics can be skipped)

(1) Read the textbook at least once. Basic concepts, theorems and formulas should be familiar, and some important formulas must be able to be derived by themselves (very important);

(2) After-class exercises and answers (don't be too high, think the after-school questions are too simple, do it yourself).

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English task:

The review of English can take various ways. During this time, at least read the vocabulary once, read at least one exercise every two days, and you must carefully analyze the analysis by comparing the answers, and analyze the sentence structure, words and answer ideas. Vocabulary and long and difficult sentences are the focus of review.

Political tasks:

Understand the question type, examination paper structure, and examination characteristics of the postgraduate politics, master the logical framework of the five courses of the postgraduate politics, have a preliminary understanding of each course, focus on reviewing the basic concepts and principles of Ma Zhe, and initially establish philosophical thinking.

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