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The ten most beautiful polite words

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Merry Monk

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鹊 Bridge Fairy

Qin Guan

Xianyun makes a coincidence, Fei Xing spreads hate, Yin Han is dark.

When Jinfeng Yulu meets, they win, and there are countless people on earth.

Tenderness is like water, and the dream is like a dream.

If the two feelings are long, how are they going up and down.

The love in the world, the guardianship of a lifetime, is a drop in the ocean for a long time. Only true love is far away, is the true meaning of love.

Yulin Bell

Liu Yong

Han Chan cut off, was late to Changting, and the showers stopped early.

Dumen's account has nothing to drink, nostalgia, Lanzhou urged.

Doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke.

Thoughts go, thousands of miles of smoke and waves, twilight deep and thick.

Passionately parting since ancient times, even more embarrassing, cold Qingqiu!

Where do you wake up tonight? Yangliu An, Xiaofeng waning moon.

It is supposed to be a good year for the good times.

Even though there are thousands of styles, who do you talk to?

In the days after you leave, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it's just a glimmer. What I want to forget is deep in my heart, only the wind is blowing gently in my ear ...


Li Zhiyi

I live at the head of the Yangtze River and I live at the tail of the Yangtze River.

Every day, Sijun did not see him, and drank the Yangtze water.

When does this water break, and when does this hate end.

I just hope that my heart is like my heart, and I will never miss it.

The long water of the Yangtze River carries my all-round feelings for you. It is a testimony of our eternal love and expectation. Even if the barriers of Jiangtou and Jiangwei can't fly over, the hearts of the two beloved are in a continuous vein.

"Autumn Words"

Li Bai

Qiu Fengqing, Qiu Yueming,

The leaves were gathered and scattered, and the Jackdaw dwelled again.

Blind dates meet each other knowing what day, at this moment embarrassed.

Into my acacia door, knowing that I am suffering.

Sauvignon Blanc is a long-term memory, and short acacia is infinite.

I knew it was so embarrassing that He Ru never knew each other.

"Only the trunk is dry, and people accompany each other." At that time, the light obscured the personnel. When the present world broke up the cause, maybe at that time, there was only one person's green water and green mountains, and one person's sea.

"Huanxi Sand"

Yan Shu

A new word of wine, a glass of old weather last year.

When does the setting sun return?

Helplessly the flowers fell, and it seemed that the acquaintances had returned.

Small garden fragrant path wandering alone.

Even though the sunset is beautiful, after all, if we want to go west, history will silently extend forward in this alternation of old and new. Just like life, there will never be a return day.

"Sapphire Case Yuanxi"

Xin Qiji

Dongfeng night put thousands of flowers. Even more blowing, stars like rain.

Three Kingdoms

BMW carved car is full of roads.

The phoenix flute moved, the jade pot light turned, and the fish and dragon dance all night.

Moth snow willow. The laughter was fragrant.

People look for him thousands of Baidu.

When I looked back, the man was there, in a dim light.

The lively scene you are away from is nothing but an empty sky; the most beautiful scenery without you is just a gust of wind. We are not lovers, but we share the same mindset. We have never met each other, and we have lived with each other.


Li Shangyin

Jinse has fifty strings for no reason.

Zhuang Shengxiao dreams of butterflies, and Wangdichun supports the cuckoo.

The moon and pearls in the sea have tears, and Lantian Riyuyu produces smoke.

This situation can be reminiscent of memory, but it was gone.

The Buddha said that people have seven sufferings: life, old age, illness, death, love to leave, resentment, remorse, and impossibility. No one can tell about life and death. Years in a hurry, thinking about the past years, sighed.

"A Cut of Plum"

Li Qingzhao

Red scented incense and jade fall. Solve Luo Chang lightly, and go to Lanzhou alone.

Who sent the book in the cloud,

When the Yan word returned, the moon was over the West Tower.

Flowers drift away and water flows. A kind of acacia, two places of sorrow.

There is nothing to eliminate this situation,

Only under the brow, but our hearts.

Love is sloppy, pure, and heart-to-heart. Although daring to sing your love, do not tweak it, be generous, because it is as clear as water and sweet as honey.

Meet Me

Li Yu

Silently went to the West Tower alone, the moon was like a hook.

Lonely Indus deep courtyard locks Qingqiu.

The constant cutting and chaos are sorrows.

Don't let it taste.

Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect? Plants and trees can be affectionate, and people's hatred and sorrow can flow like water. Many sorrows and sorrows are choked, and it is difficult to dispatch in my heart, and the silent sorrow is better than the sorrow of crying and running.

"Wuling Spring"

Li Qingzhao

The wind and dust in the fragrant flowers are exhausted, and I get tired and comb my hair day and night.

Things are nothing but people, and tears flow first.

I heard that Sungai Spring is still good, and I plan to pontoon.

I'm afraid that Shuangxi will embark on the boat, and can't carry much sorrow.

当年的风景依旧,当年的人却已面目全非, 心中感慨万千,也罢,往事就不要再提。 "I don't know where to go, Peach Blossom still laughs at the spring breeze." The scenery of that year is still the same, but the people of that year are beyond recognition, and they are full of emotions, let alone the past .

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