彩娱乐网址hg622.com Two girlfriends of two boys [contribution]

Two girlfriends of two boys [contribution]

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Press: Jingsheng's mother recently claimed to quit the net and use time to write. This article is her contribution.

There is a female classmate named Letizia in the Jingsheng class, an Italian girl, who is very beautiful and has bright blue eyes. Pretty girls are always very good boys, and often she is a girl at a boy's birthday party, which is particularly conspicuous among boys.

Forgotten why, Jingsheng's mother and beautiful mother became friends, and the connection between the two children increased. As a foreign aid, Jingsheng accompanied Xiaomei to watch movies with her mother and sister; Xiaomei often called to ask about Jingsheng's homework. We went to the LEGO Kingdom theme park to play together, and two children took a photo with a robotic arm. Jingsheng's father saw their group photo and said sourly: "My son must be better than me in the future!"

Last Friday, Jingsheng happily sang a song he wrote for himself on the way home, halfway through, the name "Lethia" popped up in the lyrics, and I asked him: "You wrote this song For Leticia? "

"Of course it is!"

The guy blinked and smiled and said to me.

Jingsheng, do you remember Xiangyuhe waiting for you by the shore of Daming Lake?

Lost Girl

It seems that the two brothers are always in touch with each other, and Desheng has been chanting the name of a girl named Hannah recently. Just say:

"I like Hannah. I want to call Hannah."

Then pick up your brother's rubber phone and dial:

"1,2,3,4,5 ... Hey, Hannah, let's play together. Okay, goodbye, bye!"

My dad and I were listening for a while.

One day I sent the baby to the nursery, and the children were preparing breakfast at the table. When Desheng came in, a little girl shouted "Desheng!" He jumped off the table and went straight to Desheng. The two children ran together and smiled sweetly face to face.

It turned out that she was Hannah.


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