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2017 Yuanbaoshan Education Bureau spring teacher qualification certification announcement

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2017 Yuanbaoshan Education Bureau spring teacher qualification certification announcement

According to the "Chifeng Education Bureau Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Qualification of Teachers in Spring 2017" (Chijiao Hanzi ﹝ 2017 ﹞ 13), we hereby announce the following matters related to the work of teacher qualification in spring 2017 in our district:

The registration website for spring 2017 teacher qualification certification in our district is China Teachers' Qualification Network, http://www.jszg.edu.cn/; who holds the “Primary, Primary School and Kindergarten Teacher Qualification Examination Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education Examination Center Applicants, please register and log in from the "National Entrance Examination of Qualified Applicants Online Report Entrance"; other applicants (participate in the teacher qualification examination "Pedagogy and Educational Psychology" qualified by the Autonomous Region Education Admissions and Examination Center) Professional graduates) Select "Applicants who have not participated in the National Unified Examination Online Report Entrance" for online registration and login, submit application information, and follow the prompts to complete the online registration. After the online registration is completed, the applicant must go to the site to confirm, receive the medical examination form, and conduct the medical examination uniformly. Failure to confirm on-site within the stipulated time will be deemed as an automatic abandonment of the application.

I. Online Registration Time

Yuanbaoshan District Education Bureau is responsible for identifying the household registration as the person who applies for the qualification of junior high school, elementary school, kindergarten teacher in Yuanbaoshan District.

,每天的7:00-24:00。 Net report time: April 5-April 14, 2017 , 7: 00-24: 00 every day.

On the weekends and national holidays, the Chinese Teacher Qualification Network will not be open (the website will be closed from April 23 to April 24 during this online report period).

Second, confirm the place and time on site

(非工作日除外); On-site confirmation time: April 18-April 25, 2017 (except non-working days);

8: 30-11: 30 am, 14: 30-17: 00 pm

On-site confirmation location: Room 302, Personnel Unit, Education Bureau, Yuanbaoshan District (third floor)

Contact: Zheng Guiliang, Tan Chundong

Consulting Tel: 3510421

3. Teacher qualification materials and binding matters

When applying online, applicants first go to the "Chifeng Education Network" teacher qualification certification announcement page to download the "teacher qualification certification submission archives list" and bind the application materials into a booklet in the order of submission of the archives list (the list is filled in and bound on the homepage) If you need photos, please paste them as required, and then go to the designated confirmation place according to time requirements. For applicants whose materials do not meet the requirements, our office will return the materials and reconfirm after the application materials meet the standards.

Applicants should bring the following materials during on-site confirmation:

(1) "Application Form for Teacher Qualification Certification" in duplicate (A4 paper double-sided printing). Download and print by the applicant when registering online, and sign it at the designated location.

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(2) A copy of the ideological and moral appraisal form. Requirements: Social personnel shall be issued by the street office where the household registration is located and stamped with the official seal. Personnel files in the workplace shall be issued by the personnel department of the workplace and shall be stamped with the official seal.

(3) Original and copy of graduation certificate (A4 paper) in one copy.

(4) Original ID and photocopy (A4 paper) in one copy.

(5) One original and a copy of the Mandarin Proficiency Test Certificate (A4 paper).

(6) Two 1.5-inch photos without a blue background, please paste them on the "Photo Form of the Personnel for Applying for Teacher Qualification Certificates in Chifeng City", and prepare two 1.5-inch photos with the blue background and write the names and ID numbers of the applicants on the back. (Applicants must submit the applicant's recent front-faced uncovered electronic photo when applying online. The photo is 114 pixels wide, 156 pixels high, and the file size does not exceed 20k in jpg format. The electronic photo must be submitted with the teacher qualification application form, medical examination form, and teacher. (The photo pasted on the qualification certificate is on the same floor.)

(7) Graduates of non-teacher education majors must provide the original, copy of the "Primary, Primary and Kindergarten Teacher Qualification Examination Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Education Examination Center, or the Educational and Psychological Examination Certificate issued by the Autonomous Education Examination Center. Original, photocopy (A4 paper), one copy. (Persons in normal education who cannot be confirmed with a diploma are required to provide the academic transcripts of the colleges and universities in which they have graduated, and those who cannot provide the originals. Copies must be specified by the archives management unit to be consistent with the originals and stamped with the official seal.)

4. Other matters needing explanation

1. Personnel applying for certification of teacher qualifications will undergo a unified medical examination, and the examination time will be notified separately. Applicants who have graduated from non-teacher education majors will undergo an education and teaching ability test as required, and the test time will be notified separately.

2. To apply for the qualification of teachers at all levels, applicants must have the same or similar majors as the subject of application.

3. The level of Putonghua test must reach Level B and above.

4. Persons applying for high school teacher qualifications should go to the "Chifeng Education Bureau Network" to view the certification announcement, register in accordance with the certification requirements, and download and print relevant materials. On April 25th, it was reported to Yuanbaoshan Education Bureau for preliminary examination. After the preliminary examination, it was reported to the Chifeng Education Bureau for retrial.

Yuanbaoshan Education Bureau

March 28, 2017

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